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From: "deva2raja" <deva2raja@h...>
Date: Fri Jun 6, 2003 5:46 am
Subject: I agree with Ramarshi

Osho's work is definiotely in the decline. But where I disagree with R, is in why. I feel that he has some valid points about the use of back-sided magic, yet in my experience, I find that we, as a group, have become serious.


Deva Raja as destructive devil ;-)

Osho always said that seriousness was an attribute of the mind. He
constantly reminded us to be SINCERE, not serious.
Looking at the sannyasin world throught the cyberspace poratal, which I admit, is the only veiw I have, I have noticed a deep seriousness, creeping into the posts, and e-mails.
R and Antar, and such, constantly blast the IC, never, with humour.
Always, it seems with vile words and serious claims.
Celti has recently taken to calling for a serious meeting of the
power factions that seem to be seriously ripping apart our cult.
Noby has degenerated into a serious writer of love for all now!
Viktor (who I believe is the editor in chief, of VIKtorias Secrets) keeps seriously hammering on the Buff.

Atit, who we all know seriously loves his beer, has now morphed into some sort of serious control freak, WHO MAY NOT EVEN BE A SANNYASIN!!! SERIOUSLY!!!

 And of course, Deva Raja, is serious about getting attention.

I remember a bumper sticker (and remember, all the world's problems
can be solved on a bumper sticker) i bought at the Ranch, it simply


this to me, is what being a sanyassin is all about.


The AMERICAN BITCH, has been serious about our past for the past little while, and she seriously guards her property and thoughts.
Akkam, has turned so serious, that we now never hear from him. Jayen, is seriously thinking about leaving our goofy group now over some serious (to him) matters.
And the Buff, won't take anything seriously. Holding out on serious information about the last days of Vivek.
Kaviar, has decided that a serious pruning may be in order, to keep our little tree healthy!!!
Anapamo, is very serious about getting Ramarshi's thoughts out to the general sannyasin population.

Noby has degenerated into a serious writer of love for all now!

(on his brother's Indian Royal Enfield in Dortmund
- n0by's Golf IV TDI in the back