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From: "jayen4660" <Jayen4660@a...>
Date: Thu Jun 5, 2003 11:05 am
Subject: Question to Atit

Dear Prakash/Atit,

May I ask what exactly it is you are doing here?

Jayen from the Delphiforum

In your time as the editor of the Indian Express, you were hardly sympathetic to Osho, and the foreigners he attracted to Pune.

I remember, even Keerti once complained about the reporting in your paper (you know, the incident you brought up here with Jalal a few times, where Mukesh claimed that "Osho Commune International" was not a legal entity, and you submitted items such as the food pass with the OCI name on)*.

So, given this history, why do you now spend all this time online with sannyasins (and some mentally challenged ones at that)? Are you researching a book on the now-more-respectable-in-India Osho and need source material? Are you trying to beat the Brits again (I noted your interest in war monuments commemorating Indian victories)? Or what? Please help me out here, because I really don't quite get it.

And I must say, for all your public interest in freedom of  information, fighting corruption, etc., you yourself are as unforthcoming with information and as much in danger of being perceived as a member of a coterie as the worst Indian government officials against which you and your friends campaign - even though it is on a much smaller scale here, the number of people affected are small, and a significant proportion of them are crackers anyway.

And failing any response from Prakash - Utsav, can you tell us why exactly your friend is here? Surely, you know him a lot better than the rest of us.

I can say now that the answer I will or will not receive will determine whether I ever set virtual foot in this place again. 


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* For those who are interested, there is a page on www.meditate-
celebrate.com on this, google for "editor Indian Express Keerti Mukesh respondent".