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Fri, 27 Dec 2002 23:47:46 -0000 
From: "mikejourneaux <mikejourneaux@....>" <mikejourneaux@.....> 
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To: n0by4you@.....
Subject: Your postings in reference to MA ERICA ANAND

Dear N0by,
Please do not make any comments about Ma AmERICA on this list as 
she has requested to me that you do not post anything about her on 
this list. She is serious about this and this could result in your 
unsubbing if this is not corrected. She has also complained that her 
photo and map of her hometown is on your website. This should be 
removed immediately. I do not have any control over your website but 
then all links to this website should removed from obb. Thank you.

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