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Sent: Sunday, June 01, 2003 10:04 PM
Subject: AW: AW: [neosannyas] Censorship, etc.to Mitra and Sarlo

So, Viktor is a stalker. Could you explain that, because, what I read 
from him was not very close to stalking ?

What it is about: not about details of your legal life, etc. Just some of us would like to know your comments on reports of you having been involved in the bugging on the ranch (and a few more questions).
Then I found this mail here (answer to Mitra), where you go into all this, why we need a censor and why noby is somebody about whom decent people don't even talk. As a very undecent person I had just done that for 2 full days.
So I felt like giving everybody also some links to the other stuff going on around you.
Love Anupamo.

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