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original msg deleted because it contained reference to vivek and osho in a highly objectionable way.

n0by, we are afraid, we may have to unsub you if you continue posting msgs in reckless language.

original msg deleted because it contained reference to vivek and osho

2. Dear Kavya,

as woman with an own identity you standpoint is highly appreciated. Most people listen to your balancing words carefully. You don't like long mails, so shortly.

Ma Kavya

3. To know the past can give a key for the present. So it is recommended by most wise men to consider the past events too. So you, I, we do.

Victims of the past can gather more strength to be offenders in the presence.

The word victim means in my experience and understanding, that the victim has not shared the profit with the authorities. When the authorities, mostly people who find the majority, turn out as criminals, the victim gains reputation.

So do you still read this letter? That we can explore the ways of the authorities? Specially the authorities in groups?

The few friends, who have been victims with me, did not want these ways described as '''somehow what made us sannyasins.''' These few friends I felt as individuals with me. Full of faults, fears, fraughts simply human beings. Like me. No buisiness involded, seekers and searchers on the path. Real people like you and me.

Now again here the same: real people like you and me. You ask questions. Do you understand my answers? I try to understand yours.
4. What are authorities here? Sw. Chaitanya Keerti the first one. He brings his political viewpoint to the world press media. Therefore the traditional authorities believers and followers like Jayen have attacked him. Jayen has left this group in the moment, Sw. Akaam followed the rules of AA to unsubb me. Jayen has left with ordinary people like Muthu and others - simply not interested in these authorities political winner wars. Vishaal has left too, has he?

The only service, a Moderator could do to us, is to give immediatly informations, who left, who came.

But that is not the fact.

So, what is the fact? Except, that the new moderator changes subjects according to his understanding? That Akaam had to delete mails, according to the wish of the American EGO to rule the list like the world?

What are authorities here? Sw. Chaitanya Keerti the first one. He brings his political viewpoint to the world press media.

5. Again: you see Kavya: an individual with HIS truth, HIS feeling, HIS understanding has a standpoint. A viewpoint. You know me better with every letter.

But who are Atit, Antar? They play great balls of political entertainment. And each question may be pure golden 100 per cent truth. Bhagwan may have been murdered with Vivek by rich people to keep up their profit. Every rich man can hire a killer who has nothing to kill any individual. It is only difficult to kill rich criminals like Hussein. To kill those rich guys you need to pay killer soldiers.

Now: the press-, media- entertainment about the cult-quarrels are gone. Chaitanya Keerti can not sell anymore some scandal-news for the world media. Yaahn. Great boredome in Poona.

Now: what can be done about this boredom in a dying cult? Chaintanya Keerti could invent his friends Atit and Antar to create some more cult-criminal entertainment.

All the given facts can be true, can be false.

For my standpoint, as far I know and live myself: convinced about something, I, my personal standpoint is written here. Can be wrong, can be true - everybody can read, answer - and everybody knows, who I am, why I write like this, and for what I write like this.

Do you still read? Or is this letter going behind your time to investigate?

Then what are the points of a political group? To gain power. Keerti, Atit, Antar gain power. They keep and stick always together. And they gain power. Atit is moderator now. He can do, what people allow him to do.

The reason for this power-change in the group? We don't get any answer. Akaam comes with serveral conclusion. His individual point is in darkness: why Atit is new moderator? Why not me? I have deserved this a thousand times more, cos I devote my time and energy much more.

But my standpoint is of an indivual! Not belonging to any group - neither west, nor east. More: as indivual I do not trust any people gathering in groups! For what  except to gain political power?

It is only difficult to kill rich criminals like Hussein.

6. My spiritual understanding of individual growth is different:

1. Only a living Master can help your growth.

2. When your work with your living Master is not done, look for another one.

3. When the Master is dead, the group creates a cult out of Master's teaching.

4. Every group cult is basically power oriented and criminal.

5. To be part of a power oriented and criminal cult turns followers into
criminals too.

6. All power oriented criminals make profit out of victims.

7. When you search for your individual truth and growth you have to fight power oriented criminals.


Hopefully you could manage to read this sermon all to the end?