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Sarito is perhaps helpless, she does what she is told to do. Once she wrote to me what they told her to write, but when I responed to her with more uncomfortable questions, like "how many more books are going to be mutiltated by you?"  like she did this Book of Wisdom... then she stopped writing to me as they must have forbidden her from writing to me.
She is good person, very good editor, I have always admired her skills but I could not believ that she was doing this massacre of Osho discourses---you have to see the American edition of this book to feel what I am saying.
I could not believe that a sannyasin, an Osho disciple, could do that. Osho is no longer in the body to scold us like he did to Sarjano, but I feel as a disciple what my Master would have felt, I take it as an absolute rape and violence done to Osho discourses.
I do not care how many thousands book you sell sucessfully. I am not impressed by compromise. the same is being done by these three people in the commune and Sakal would describe this as the whole comuune wanting to do this. No don"t say that the whole commune wants to do this for the new comers. NO, Big NO.
It is these three people who do all this in the name of the whole commune and sannyasins who drank the nectar at the feet of the master are now too scattered in the world and are not available to stop these dictators from doing all this nonsense. Even the IC does not have such people. The people who continue to be in IC are at the mercy of JAYESH AND Amrito. It is again the situation of  helplessness which these three people are enjoying thoroghly. Then there sane people like Sakal who continuously take pains to explain to me in their favour and try to make me feel guilty of creating East-West divide, because I raked up these issues. Somebody had to do it--I came
to know and see the things going this way from the close quarters, whatever I could see, it had to be me to raise such issues, even if i had to pay the price of being banned from entering the premises of the commune. But looking at it positively I travel around the country and meet sannyasins, I get the same love and respect everywhere which was available to me in Pune > it means the ban
is a joke < sannyasins and centres don"t recognise it >

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