<- The Tears of a Walrus
Part I

Once, already three winter ago, the Walrus always played at the shore side and brought fish for the Cat and salty plants for his best friend, the aardvark. He listened to the sermons of the big brown Bear. The Seagull stole the fish present from the Cat sometimes. All had much, much fun.

One day the Walrus catches fishes, mussels and one Penguin only for his big always hungry belly. And brought no present for the Cat. That was a hard week, cause the mass of fishes must have swim in another part of the sea. So the Walrus felt very hungry, and could not bring presents for the Cat. And it was raining all the time, the silky Cat fur was wet.

The Cat became more angry day by day, when the Walrus came to the beach without fish.

Than the Cat told to the Aardvark and the Bear, to meet deeper inside the country. This was much to far to walk for a Walrus over the fields in the forest, where the Bear and the Aardvark met under the tree.

The Walrus soon knew about these facts, ‘cos the Aardvark came secretly to tell him, where the Bear and the Cat meet. The Walrus sits very, very sadly in the sands, cause he has loved the Cat with the silky fur-skin and it Green Eyes tremendously. The Cat had always such amazing way to look at the Walrus with inclined head and blinked big green eyes, that from the Walrus tusk run saliva down in the sand. Saliva of admiration. Walrus always get much salvia in their big mouth, when they admire something. In this state of admiration Walrus swallow fish, mussels and sometimes a Penguin.

Now the Walrus was sitting all alone at the shore on the sands and waited in vain for his beloved Cat. The Aardvark could not console it, and in those days the Walrus lost much of his blubberyfat.

For the first time in his Walrus life he got an experience to freeze! That is for Walrus a totally unknown sensation.

One year passed. The Walrus dreamed about, to be a bird to fly over to the forest. 

The seagull came to the Walrus, ‘cos the Seagull was the most wise of all and could read the Walrus mind.

''Now, what would you tell to your friends in the forest?'', the Seagull asked, ''but more than three words I never remember.''

The Walrus thought long, how to compress all his anger in three words only. That is arduous, ‘cos angry Walrus stream over with swearwords. 

On Christmas Evening one year later the unhappy Walrus invented with help of the Rat an outrageous curse. The Rat was no friend of the Cat, and the Rat flattered the Walrus to damage the Cat. So the Rat and the Walrus invented this curse and the Seagull flies in the forest and croaks this curse: