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Curious also about "Class of 2002." Pradhira asked, and i recognise only the three in the front, Madhu, me and you (L to R).
Yes (that's Sarlo in the middle, me right and mottled, from Osho Times scanned by Ruchi) Back Row: Ruchi, Satrakshita, Samir, Tarika, Devayana, Tatina, Avaroha.

If you would like to be included, please mail me a small pic

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I do not know that you should joke about this. Do you not remember, when  we first started on the sannyas-list 2, and invited Sadananda to join and he signed up for about a couple of hours and then unsubbed and posted a note to this list 1, saying that everyone was talking about him and plotting? Have a care.

I trust you have also noticed that you were NOT complaining about Sad's autocratic vendetta against east. No, you WANTED east unsubscribed. It was just that you were trying to make Sad admit that he did not like East, whereas in fact he was simply acting in YOUR interests.

I am not sure how much you can force someone to admit  that they do not like someone that they keep calling - what was it? - "poisonous slime"? Something like that. It would be funny if it were not - no, come to thimk of it, it IS funny.