<- The Tears of a Walrus
Part II

The Bear, the Cat, the Aardvark are shocked. This Christmas-Evening the three friends even felt as unhappy as the Walrus alone at the shore longing for their company. The curse on Christmas evening are some thousand times more harmful than from all other days of the year.

Several month later the Cat felt dizzy in her head. Her silky fur-skin lost gleam, she had no more hunger and terrible pain. She had to go find some human doctor to help her. With her charm she managed, and the Doctor found a brain tumour in her head.  The Doctor operated the Cat. Cat have seven lives, and with this operation she did not even loose a half life. So after some month she was as well like ever - and even felt much more stronger than before.

The Walrus heard from his Aardvark friend about the operation. Totally terrified the Walrus remembered the curse from one year ago. Tears of pain and shame and guilt run over his blubberfaty wrinkly cheeks down the tusks in the sands. Many day he came with a fish. The Seagull and the Rat came to eat. But for the Cat the Walrus waits till today.

He promised to himself never to be angry again with the Cat, when she would ever show up again. The Cat found a new friend, a Cow this time. The Cats always finds friends, and makes friends very easy, cos she has learned in charm school, how to please other animals.

The Walrus had only learned to swallow fish, mussels and a Penguin, who dared to swim around his big mouth. The Walrus tried to look so charming like the cat, tried to incline his head. But because his tusks leaned on the sand, to carry his blubberfaty head with a brain big like a Walnut, it is impossible for a Walrus to look as charming like a Cat.

To tease the Walrus, the Cat made a intrigue with the Cow. The Cat told the Cow, to try in every way to make the Walrus angry. She had not only learned in charm school to please other animals. More she had learned to make other animals angry too. And that is quite easy - specially with Walrus - even they have brains big like a Walnut.

Woerth-See, near Munich

So the Cow came to the shore of the sands. She mooed many times in direction to the Walrus. She mooed so much, that the Walrus could not even count how many times. Even the Walrus brain big like a Walnut knows to count more numbers but two. The Walrus looked disturbed at the Cow and tried to get her message. But like usually the big Walnut brain does not pass the test. So the Walrus failed and in totally anger yelled at the Cow:

''Stupid cow, you must have that mad disease, we Walrus heard, cows are suffering from.''
''Hihihi'', laughed the Cow and trotted back to the Cat. The Cat too laughed ''hihihi'' and danced with the Cow.

And they shake their head in laughter so ecstatically, that the Rat reported to the Walrus:
''You could even hear their pea-brain ring in their heads with a finesse superior sound.''

That made the Walrus very, very sad, cos it has never heard such sound from the big Walnut brain in his head. And had such longing for these fur-skin animals, the Cow and the Cat. And the big Walrus tears swear to keep cool when the Cow moos and the Cat scratches. But everybody knows, what Walrus swears are worth about. So the Walrus waits in vain. But his Aardvark loves to lick the salty Walrus tears as delicacy with the sea plants, the Walrus brings.