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 It was in German for crying out loud! I picked my  way  through it best I could and all I smelled was Walrus  blubber seasoned with Zimmerman. 

Still he has a  place  in my heart, poor fat thing. I do not believe in his  Hitler shit though. He just thinks its his duty to  push our buttons. Such a kraut he can be. The man  needs a good hard spanking with a paddle that has a  big smiling Osho face right on the front! Tatina,  you  should just get on the train and go trip him when he  walks out his front door, that would be so cool! 


Sw. Shivam Madhu
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Datum Mittwoch, 6. März 2002 1:48 pm 
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Betreff Re: Re[1]: [neosannyas] who is vimal prem

Yes, yes, my sweet Shivam Madhu, this website is Nobody pure. 
If he is lucky Miss Vimal Prem will have mercy on him and contribute to his education 
- I definately will not go to Munich just to see East´s wrinkly old ass.
 By the way, I always had the suspicion that the man is sexually impotent. 
All this talk about "The Führer"... 

LOVE Tabsilein

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