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Date: Fri Jan 17, 2003 5:04 am
Subject: Re: Fw: fuck the fascistic n0by

Dear readers, friends, enemies, bored ones!

"o much magnificence over the ocean", sings the walrus, and swallows tons of of mussels, some penguins, fish and all the other lovely creatures made for food, for fun. For f**k too - but these jokes the old blubberyfat leaves behind more ande more.

The cosy cow! Really a faszinating creature coming to the seaside! Walrus always admires these animals with skin-fur! Walrus always invite cosy cows and cuddling cats to swim with it in the ocean! It's far behind a Walrus brain - big like walnut - that these fur-skin animals don't like to swim! And the sea is best to swim when there is ice around, isn't it?

Yes, Walrus wants to cuddle the cosy cow carefully. Best way to make love is swimming in the ocean, isn't it? What kind of love these fur skin animals can do at the shore? Walrus only sit in the sand there for a while. The blubberyfat gets to heavy to carry. The long Walrus teeth need to support on the sand to carry the heavy head with the walnut brain. 

Do you think the cosy cow is really?

When she is the one she pretends to be she will be in troubles. No doubt about.

This most sensitive Walrus blubberyfat has been always in troubles too, when these fur animals are in trouble. Not 'cos the Walnut brain gets an idea, what are these troubles around. No, no, Walrus feel the world by the blubberyfat. Therefore Walrus feel better in the ocean. Best in ocean with ice full of fish, mussels and some penguins. Penguins look like silly sannyasins, isn't it? But their taste is delightful.

Munich Isar, Oct. 2002

Hopefully the cosy cow is someone totally different. Someone, who intrigues to catch the Walrus like these female mummies mammies have caught the little lovely Walrus not to play anymore with the precious penguins from the so called sannyas-zoo. Now protected by the censor scissors switcher, the Stalin from the sannyas gulag.

These penguins shrink each month a little bit more, isn't it true? When there are no Walrus around, to hunt and to swallow from time to time a penguin, these penguins get so lazy. They simply shrink. Soon these pinguins will look like water flea, isn't it true? For water flea Walrus don't care anymore. 'cos water flea are not worth to swallow, isn't it true?

In winter the tough slums in Munich are quite clean, 'cos the Isar-River is cold. Walrus lay down by the side of the cold river, to wait for some beaver. Beaver taste delightful, but they are hard to catch.

In summer time Munich is more tough slum. Then Walrus has to swim in an ardous voyage up the little mountain rivers to come back to the mountain glacier. There it's funny in summer - but not much food around. Walrus can't feed on butterflies, isn't it true?

Walrus can't feed on cows, 'cos cows are too fat to swallow. And cats are to quick to catch. 

Yes, a Walrus life has a hard life, isn't it? The Walnut Walrus brain is not of big help to provide exits in need, only when the blubberyfat feels the waves, then there is so much magnificence over the ocean.

Otherwise: too much sand, stones, dust. That's tough!

Denmark would be a paradise - at least in winter time. Australia seems no place at all for Walrus, heard that there are fires around, isn't it? Walrus hate fire and love water. Water with ice. And fish, mussels and penguins.

Now the cow? Where is she gone? Is she still around? Walrus loves to cuddle cosy cows. This warmth of the big belly is like a miracle for a while coming from the ice.

Is this what Bhagwan told about, when big Bhagwan brain gabbeled about cowlightenment? Or is it cats-lightenment? Or found Bhagwan penguins to feed on, 'cos Bhagwan was a Walrus too? What ever Bhagwan may have been. That old man is dead.

Only vile vultures remained quarreling for the rest of the bones of the dead one. Walrus don't like most of these birds, excepts some seagulls sometimes to pick pickels from the blubberyfat. But vile vultures with their noisy nasty screeching sound disgusting.

That's the taste of a Walrus. Walrus don't feed on corpses, 'cos Walrus only swallow animals alive - Penguins are best. Walrus best friends. Friends for food. Food is fun, isn't it.

After all that fun, Walrus need to shit enormous amounts. Cows too, isn't it true? Only cats shit in little quantities. But who likes their smell?

Because of this smell, cats themselves have to clean their fur all the time. That looks lovely. But looks like work too. Walrus are too lazy for licking 
their blubberyfat all day long.

But in their dreams at night, Walrus confess a little bit ashamed,  that a warm cow tongue licks their salty blubberyfat for her delight 
and Walrus bliss.

Or a cosy cat comes to cuddle on the fins, when the Walrus is full. Full of mussels, fish and some Penguins.

Now the night fades away. Walrus Walnut brain has exhausted all capacities already over the limit.

Beep, beep, beep alarms the Walnut brain the blubberyfat. Lay back in the warm ocean beside your Mimamai, the warden of the Walrus.

How a lovely, little Walrus can became such a tough beast, you wonna know? Oh, these stories are terrible to read. Don't read them!


yaahnn... the ice is melting here in Munich, isn't it a pity? Aahh, thanx for fucking with Walrus, ok?