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Ramarshi -


I am the Jeffi-Ji (Jeff) that nOby mentions in many of his posts. You response to JP is so lucid and simple and clear that I am hoping you can help me understand nOby.

Does he truly honor Osho's mission, or is he an imbittered man who never was blessed with the transformation of which Osho and all realized masters speak. I cannot fathom much of his writing because of the language sytle he uses. I know that German is his first language, and he is very clever in his use of English, but it is very hard to follow him. What I get is an incessant mocking of virtually everyone.

So many who speak of overcoming fear and doubt, facing our dark side....seem stuck there, and that is their constant mantra. Face your fear, pay the price.

They remind of the story of Buddha coming down the mountain after his enlightenment and  meeting a monk. Although Buddha told the monk that he
had received enlightenment, the monk continued on his way, mumbling, "If only it were so."

nOby objects to my "commercialization" of transformation, in that chooses not to separate a therapeutic practice (weight control, stress management, smoking cessation... and for fun, improving sports performance) from my heart of heart's goal of honoring my Bodhisattva Vow. Short story:

Night before my enlightenment, I vowed that if the truth of transformation to a New Man and peace of mind would be granted to me, I would spend the rest of my life communciating it to others (Of course, I didn't know beforehand that it could not be put in words).

Even in the "therapeutic" arena, I am planting the seeds of transformation. As a teacher, "guru", I have never charged money, nor accept  money. I was a preacher in a Christian church for 7 years, and didn't allow collections. But the view of pop-cultural Christianity has no room for a mystic, and I left to hold satsang and write books.

So, help to understand nOby a bit, if you would. He seems to have some fascination with me and refers to me in the same context as Osho on many occasions in his writings.


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