Jesus and voice from enlightened EGO

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  Fri Sep 12, 2003 3:40 pm

From: "Jeff Belyea" <jeff@s...>
Subject: Re: Jeff, voice from enlightened EGO

Thank you, nOby, for my daily
anointing. The promotional
messages are always appreciated.

Am I always on your mind?
Have I had such a great
impact on you that you are
obsessing about me?

Your lack of propriety and
bad taste exceeding even my
expectation as you tracked
your muddy mockery boots into
my natural enlightenment
discussion group. I deleted
the message there, and will
kick your skinny ass out
next time you sink to such
tactics. Whine all you want.

Here you can act like a dog
and leave your shit anywhere
the moderator allows, but
you are not allowed in the
living room of my house until
you are at least paper trained.

Always in Love, Jeff