Re: Autobahn to n0by-mod-prob

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  Fri Jul 16, 2004 4:20 pm

Hello, Secretary VeetTom -

It is good to note that you have
seen the error of your ways
And the light of nOby wisdom
From the ancient of days

nOby's open-mindedness and
Tolerance knows no bounds.
He won't push that moderate button
No matter who comes round

And those groups who insist he behave
They don't understand the thug-rapper's ways
Who only want freedom of speech
Put your finger in the light socket...make you screech

His smirk-words smile as he anticipates
The innocent ones who take the bait
Imagines squeamish squirms at his ugly funnies
All covered with dripping sarcastic honey

Are all the sad mad sannyasins the same
Did they all miss the train on the way to fame
And now must feign that they alone gained
And everyone else has a hole in their brain

In the game,