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Tue Jan 13, 2004 1:11 pm

There seems to be some confusion
over a couple of people named Jeff
who show up on many of the spiritual
and/or LOC discussion groups.

nOby recently referred to "Jeff,
the Buddha Broker".
That is obviously
the other Jeff (Jeff Brooks). I
am the "satsang seller" (nOby's words)
named Jeff Belyea, known to my more
affectionate friends as Papajeff.

I teach a Mystic Heart Meditation,
and various forms of visualization,
yoga and hypnotherapy as tools
for stress management and "mundane"
life/career goal achievement.

For those who are on what they would
call a "spiritual quest", and are
comfortable with theistic language,
I offer a model based on what is
called by some, the mystic path -
known across all spiritual and
metaphysical traditions as a quest for
experiential gnosis - "knowing" or Awakening,
Realization, Transformation, Enlightenment,
Self-Realization, Self-Knowledge, God-
Realization, Nirvana, Samadhi, Satori,
Buddahood or being Born Again....choose
your term of traditional comfort.

known to my more affectionate friends as Papajeff.

My "guru" platform is that we can
silence the mind and attune to an
inner experience of "pure intuitive
consciousness" that brings with it
a profound peace of mind, joy and
renewed Love for life with a capital L.

I am not privy to all of the factors
that contribute to or set the stage
for such an "event" that brings with
it such a new "knowing". Meditation
seems to be the catalyst, and that
is the starting point I suggest.

In the midst of meditation, I experienced
what is typically reported by NDEs -
near-death experiencers. My teaching
is based on what I experienced directly
and what I believe is available to those
who seek it. Any spiritual trappings
wrapped around this experience are
mere models for explanation of something
that cannot be put into words.

For reasons that I cannot fathom,
stepping up to share this story frequently
lands me on the receiving end of a
Variety Show Knife-Throwing act.

Even my *slogan pisses some
people off. What is the problem?

Explain it to me, again, nOby...anybody?

*Always in Love,


My "guru" platform is that 

Explain it to me, again, nOby...anybody?