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Mon Jan 23, 2006  11:30 am 

Subject: Dear Jeff,
To: jeff at mindgoal.com

the market for Enlightenment-Entertainer is growing rapidly in our free n0by group gathering - and my attacks have stopped on these admired giants, beyond my stubborn german warrior mood and mind.
welcome to advertise your skills in our group again.
with love

NOby on his knees
Writes please come back
We won't ever tease
No more sly attacks
Yeah, right, no bee
You are stinger free
Except for parody
We will see


Followers are foolish
children. No true guru
wants them. Once the
terrible darkness of
despair(gu)is removed(ru)
and the light turned
on(not by the guru,
but by grace), the seeker
sees as well as the guru.

A guru simply points
to the light switch that
someone before him or her
pointed to for them.

Not all who, by grace,
flip the switch choose
to point others to it
overtly and directly.

But once one has been
graced with a return
to the light, they have
a choiceless obigation
to do so, from the heart.

Some who are enlightened
simply offer a loving
kindness that speaks as
softly as a wisdom whisper
from the mystic's heart.

That's my enlightenment
entertainment for the day.

Happy, nOby?




Happy, nOby?