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This was great, Ma AmErica  and you don't deserve those asshole comments some were making.

What Walrus weeps:

The Walrus weeps

Walrus brain big like a Walnut anwsers:

Dear fur-skin animals, you are my most beloved company on the sand-shore. My blubberfaty salty masses trott laborious out of my water bed, where Walrus sleep, swim, love each other and most of all their big, big brain like a Walnut swims in the fat blubberfaty, wrinkly Walrus-Head. The fur-skin animals can not flow with their brain like a Walnut. These fur-skin animals are provided therefore with pea-brains. Pea-brain rings in their skull, when they shake their head. That sounds so funny. Mostly they shake their head, when Walrus tells stories. Walrus don't know why, do you?     ANSWER: