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Part II



Walrus never understands, what these fur-skin animals always talk, write, laugh, but mostly complain about. 

About most an old Walrus Bull wrinkles all blubberfaty bacon out of delight! Recently a cow came and mooed so much. 

Walrus yelled only once. Or twice? So long ago. Now she's gone, Walrus misses her.

Walrus misses her

Aardverk-Friend licks Walrus bacon devotionally.

Aardverk-Friend licks Walrus bacon devotionally. Aardverk has confessed: "I love to lick your salty bacon. Salt is the best thing on earth, best after sun, grass and water."

"What, what, what is special about salt?" asks the Walrus. Walrus always swim in salty water. They can not imagine anything else but salty waters, tons of fish and mussels and sometimes a Penguin to swallow.

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