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Wed Dec 13, 2006 12:30 pm 

Dear friends who read this,

If you like to take a little brake from all kinds of discussions and welcome for the moment in just an ordinary town Zagreb, as I have seen it this year in sunny September-days.

It is place where I was born but now I was stranger and tourist in it  like these group of Japanese tourists which you will see..

these group of Japanese tourists 

I was busy to get some papers for inherited little peace of land. ..very material things..and unpleasant task for me.. but I found also other interesting things, places and people and I took pictures to share it with you...

here you can see ordinary people on market place selling cheese, vegetables..;

In tram I have seen 2 persons in folklore-dress from some other part of country. They were dancing somewhere on pilgrim place and now tired,  they are sitting in the tram, on the way home.

persons in folklore-dress 

Group of marine-officers in the middle of the town in white uniforms were surprise for me, 

like a group of boys from Canada, missionaries of Unity Church, who were playing with rugby-ball on the same square in the central part of the town. They probably want to get attention for their preaching about Jesus Christ..

I was fascinated with elegant movements of lady traffic-police,  in white uniform.

You can see parks and trees in the middle of the town..

and monuments to poets and writers whom I know by their work. One was from fine family but other was poor, drunker.. and their monuments express it..

Zagreb poet Tin Ujevic

You can see big bank buildings, and Sheraton hotel with glass walls  like perfect mirrors for buildings on opposite site.

And you can see my family members (cousins).they are ordinary people who are not at all interested in some spiritual search and questions like me.
They only understand that I "changed religion".. and what is this that I am now believing they even don't ask.. This is not life important things for them...

some of them are quarreling among themselves about possessions..  and they try to earn money, to have big house,good eat and drink .. But I was happy to meet them.

One cousin is dancing in folklore-group She invited me to show in Concert-hall_Lisinski in Zagreb.

 show in Concert-hall_Lisinski in Zagreb.

This was last day of my staying here.  They were dancing and singing in colorful folklore dresses,  like people in villages were dressed 100 years ago. It was show of marriage in village near Zagreb, and I remember from my early childhood, it was something similar like this, just 55 years ago.

I had to visit office of Graveyard_Zagreb.  In this moment somebody was going on his/her last journey. It is said that this Graveyard is known like one of the most impressive in Europe...

I was happy to find one simple vegetarian restaurant. Owner was one of Hare Krishna members.

happy to find one simple vegetarian restaurant.

I found one more-vegan restaurant. This was more fancy, more expensive and probably another kind of people visiting it.

One friend Mirjana invited me to her weekend house, where she relax working in her garden after work in a bank. I told her she can meditate in garden, not only work..

Another friend Senija invited me to art exhibition  organized by 2 artists from Germany. Women is originally from Zagreb, but husband is from Germany. 

This ordinary Zagreb would be quite boring for me if I didn't found something special .. next report will be about "Zagreb-Solar Plexus of Europe.

enjoy pictures of an ordinary Zagreb on this link  or if n0by kindly put it on his site it will be little easier to see.

with Love,

Mirjana's weekend house and car