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Mon Dec 4, 2006 1:37 am

Greetings from Sweden !!


It was time again to lighten thousends of candles in december's darknes on Steiner Seminariet_Sweden.

Light Festival on 1st Advent (2nd December) was organized by students of Eurythmi school on Steiner Seminar in Järna_Sweden.

I was there with my friend Suada,walking around surounded with candles all around.
We could hear pleasant sounds of 'walking' gongs.

Suddenly I noticed between trees near water very tall figures like fairies in slow-motion on spot with torch in hands.

It was fascinating like from fairy tales..

In the building of Seminariet some people were enjoying warm soup or traditional sweet and warming drink 'glög' , cakes, sendwiches, others non vegetarians could get ..sossages.

Even full moon removed veils of clouds and it was watching smilingly this event with candle-stars on the earth.

(but I cannot see my 'inner Light' yet fully turned on)