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 Tue May 30, 2006  11:02 pm

Dear friends,

In sanyas ashram Amritdham program starts with yoga at 5 -7 AM.
1 hour yoga +1 hour pranayama.
Yoga teacher Rajkumar Mastey,retired Computer Engineer was teaching yoga for free.!!
He was retired Computer Engineer from Abu-Dhabi.
He was trained by Swami Rramdev Ji Maharaj .
(I didn't know this time who is this Maharaj but 2 days before leaving India I visited 'by chance' his new opened University near Haridwar).
People from villages or Jabalpur were comming to this classes early morning on their (motor)bycicles.Exercises helped them to improve their health.
One women in sari was comming to pranayama exercises (1 hour).
I was there to make picturesfor you.
One morning Ma Nirava,german sanyasini, visited yoga class and she could do yoga exercises nice.
After yoga started dynamic meditation and i got permition to take photos.
As you see different postures can be taken before and during this meditation or just sitting.
It was interesting to listen early in the morning laut screeming from meditation hall in this ashram
and just cca 10 min later when sanyasins were sitting silently it started screeming from some other temple nearby.This was puja-greetings to their gods with laut 'Jaaii!'
I borrowed white punjabi(clothes) from Gurja for evening meditation.
Swamis family members were not on meditations,...only one his daughter was once in the evening.
One day Claudia invited me to visit some tenice temple on the way to Bedhaghat were is waterfall on river Narmada.
She said that there is another Osho ashram on the same way.
We took riksha through villages and nature to this ashram of some Paramahamsa?.
It was nice clean but for me most impressive was one dog which recognises Claudia from the day before when she was there.
Dog was following us ,actualy her, 6 km on the way to the waterfall.
You can see the picture.
I was so sorry for him when he couldn't follow her anymore because we took bus back to Deotal Amritdham ashram.
how was he feeling? Was he sad ?..
but I was sad because he was maybe sad..
I was watching so strong example of attachment,following and separation that I will remember it for long.

What a power of waterfall!
You can see fishes jumping up.
I missed to see the most beautiful marble rocks.
you can see it on web site of Amritdham ashram
I didn't know that it is special spot to see this nature wonder.
For me rocks were everywhere .
and we visited this other Osho ashram which was meditation camp place called Samasati.
'Guru-ji' is sw.Samdarshi.

I missed again to meet one 'guru-ji' in osho lineage.
It maybe interesting only to take foto for my groups
Sw.Samdarshi was comming few days later to have meditation camp on this place.

For me, it was nice that only one person was there sw.Yog Nischal (Mohan K.Shah) from Nepal.
He took care for this place as his working meditation.
He cooked nice indian food for Claudia and me who were the only guests
(and dog who was following Claudia).

are you redy in next photos to meet Nanda and Jeeva with friends (Osho lovers)?


with Love,


"Your mind always wants change. It does not know devotion; it loves fashions, its interest is always in some novelty. So it will go on moving from one path to another path, becoming more and more confused because each path has its own language, each path has its own unique methods, and each master is going to defend his path against all the other paths."

"When I am gone I hope there may still be courageous people in the world to criticize me, so that I don't become a hindrance on anybody's path. And those who will criticize me will not be my enemies; neither am I the enemy of those whom I have criticized. The working of the enlightened masters just has to be understood."

Osho: "Satyam Shivam Sundram" Chapter 6

Satyam Shivam Sundramtyam Shivam SundramSatyam Shivam Sundram

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