Jabalpur-Hyderabad-Ibrahim Patnam

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 Tue Jun 6, 2006 11:18 pm

Dear friends,

would you like to join me on next route of my travel?

Jabalpur-Hyderabad-Ibrahim Patnam

You have already got some info about Osho’s friends and activities in Nanda’s village Ibrahim Patnam. (MSG # 26083) with 4 pictures from it.

I can just add 'little' more pictures (90) and my impressions.

One picture of child with smile and serious father is taken somewhere on the street ..I don't remember where..but look at it..

There is a train early morning (6AM) from Jabalpur to Hyderabad.
In Hyderabad I will meet first time, in live -Jeeva and Nanda, friends I met here in this group.
Train is late 5 hours already in Jabalpur !.
SW.Shikar takes care from 4 AM ,to get right info from railway station that I don't need to wait on the train station in Jabalpur.
I could take breakfast and rest in Amritdham ashram until 11AM.

(But Nanda was waiting on time, (next day at 4 AM) in Hyderabad because he trusted to Indian railways that train will come on time.)

He returned home and came once again 4 hours later to pickup me and Jeeva.
Jeeva arrived at 8 AM from Chennai.
It was nice to relax in Nandas big hug with open smile and joyful face.
He took very nice care of Jeeva and me as his guests.
Thanks, Nanda, again.

We took buss to his friend ing. Srinivas, who is also Osho's friend.
He is living with family in building by name Krishna Residence
and I like this name.

You will see beautiful friendly and calm faces of Srinivas,his mother,wife,sister and brother.
His father was in hospital.He was in special hospital where patients are not treated by any kind of medicine.Only food and yoga exercises are prescribed.
Unfortunately I didn't have time to get more info and visit this hospital. I hope to get more info from Nanda.

Jeeva and me could take rest and later we ate lunch and sweets all together.
I learned about one Indian custom- feeding each other.
You put sweets or food with your hand in the mouth of the other person and you should accept the same way from other.
You will see how Nanda is feeding Jeeva with joy..and Jeeva is enjoying..

Before to continue our journey to Nanda’s village village we took again photos together with members of Srinivas family.
We took night bus to Nandas village Ibrahim Patnam which is 6 hours journey by buss north of Hyderabad.
Now starts for me non-comfortable conditions but some people are living all their life like this.
i have seen boy, maybe 12-13 years old is sorting out post or newspapers early morning on buss-station in some village..
...somebody is sleeping on the ground on bus station..

Finally we arrived to Ibrahim Patnam to the house where is living SW.Dhyan Magno.

You can see little meditation room on the roof of old building where Swami Magno lives with family.
He takes care for mother and sister Halima who is studying English literature.
you will see their pictures..

I was impressed that simple people, villagers are gathering for Osho meditations.
They do it in materially, poor and simple conditions, in little room on the roof of old house…
Sw. Magno may even have trouble with other religious leaders from the village(Muslims or Hindus) but he is not afraid.
He is concerned with this what he is doing ..
and he is doing it with love and whole his heart.

It was nice to take a walk early in the morning in the fields behind village, together with some children who were following us..
(you have seen pictures what Jeeva presented)
It is so beautiful, peaceful, with fresh air..
but it was good to go little further in the fields ..
because on the beginning of the road which is leading to the fields, some villagers use to clean their bodies ,brushing their teeth's walking with the toothbrush in their mouth,..
or they are doing necessary morning evacuation from the body..
it is free in the nature and many of them don't have toilette at home.

In the village you can see early in the morning women sitting around the fireplace in front of the house, drinking tea ..
Some women were carrying heavy burden of wooden stakes..They took rest in front of sw.Magno’s house and then proceeded..

I have seen first time turmeric’s roots from which comes golden-yellow powder.
Turmeric is very common Indian spice.
I use it very much because it is also a kind of medicine.
On big mango trees were still little green mango fruits.

We visited Hanuman temple high on the hill with huge Hanuman's statue.
you can see Hanuman's servants( with mobile),in yellow robes.

Others 'swamis' in orange robes are Shiva's followers (on bicycle..)

Jeeva mentioned Sambiah ashram and you can see statue of the mystical saint who was living in this area.
We sat and meditated together with the priest in this little samadi in white-gray marble.
Here osho’s friends organize meditation camp for more then 100 people..
It is mostly under open sky (with tend maybe).

This was on holy river Godavari.

Snakes can come some time to visit them during meditation camp,
" they come and go their way",we look our business they look their.."
answered sw.Magno with smile, when I asked .".and what happen then...(when snakes come during meditation)..?!?

To come to one such a place is needed to cross one little river.

...there was little ashram nicely maintained by one pujari.
(Jeeva wrote about it.)
Pujari and me were singing bhajan..
(each separate..:)
and pujari put holy ashes on our forehead.
We accept it but little boys,swamis nephews didn't allow to put this sign on their heads.
They said that they are not Hindus..
You can see picture..

but they like to be with their uncle sw.Magno,
(he is little strange..not behaving like a Muslim but..
they like to dance on evening meditation when they visit uncle ..

(Osho's friends can meditate and sit in the temple in the church in mosque...)

and on the way back to Hyderabad we have to change buss.
I have seen women conductor.
She was in sari and looks more elegant in comparison with men conductors.
Men mostly wear their clothes whatever they have and you don't know who is passenger and who is conductor.

We arrived to Hyderabad at noon..Nanda returned to his job.
he was late …
Jeeva and me continued our journey to Chennai with deep impressions how Osho is living in one remote village Ibrahim Patnam in the hearts and minds of his friends.

(I sended pictures to n0by,but you can see them in my yahoo photo..)


with Love,