Meeting with Nanda and Zora

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Sat Mar 18, 2006  4:31 pm  

Dear Friends ,

:)Last week  from 10th March to 16 March I had a new real life experience.

I went to Secundarabad to meet Nandagirikishore and Zora.We had a good day with lovely people for few days.And we went to Nanda's village Ibrahim patnam which is about 200kms from Secundarabad.It is a small beautiful village in Karim Nagar District.

We have met and stayed with Swami.Dhyan Magno , a OSHO Sannyasin who basically born in Muslim Family.He is living with his family members , working as a lecturer in college and taking message of Osho to village people sharing meditation techniques and translating OSHO in Telugu, the local language for their understanding with the limited resources available inspite of local opposition from village people.It is a nice experience with people filled with love.Though born in India , I also felt as a foreigner in that land having problems in communication.

stayed with Swami.Dhyan Magno

Then we visited local hill temple and also went to river Godavari and Saint Sambiah ashram where meditation camps are held frequently and returned to Chennai and visited Theosophical Society and Mamallapuram.

For me, this is the first time I am in direct contact with foreign people like Zora from Sweden,Kondrak from NewZealand in Theosophical society, Isabel a cultural studies student from Spain and Swami KISS from Newzealand who believes GOD is speaking through him.Though daily praying Jesus and Mary he also offer flowers to Vishnu and Hindu Gods daily and taking message of love to people of Mamallapuram.People who has English as a second language normally speaks English in slow way and it is very  easier to understand but it is some what difficult in grasping Kondrak speech who is fluent and voracious.I had a oppurtunity to experience and share with many new people and it broadened my understanding.



river Godavari