I am back from India

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 Mon May 29, 2006  5:04 pm

Dear n0by and friends in my groups,

I am back from India to Sweden.

It is like wake up in another dream.
Nature is so beautiful here around me.
(you can see pictures from last year) in members websites.
So beautiful green colour of grass,trees, cool fresh air,blue sky..
quiet,birds singing..

It was different in India...
Something else what is not here...

and my own internet connection without limit...what enjoyment it is.!!!

Sorry to all to whom I didn't answer mails..
it was not so easy to use internet in India (on places where I was).
You are welcome to travel with me again to meet people
and see places and situations..
this time on photos which I will send to n0by and I hope he will arrange it in his unique way.
(otherwise i will upload all pictures in yahoo photoalbum..but it will take little time..
I thought my main goal on this travel was to see source of Ganges, Gangotri and Gomuk, and visit friends like Nanda and Jeeva and girls in Kolkata.
But again I had experience of emptines after reaching the 'goal'.(Gomuk).
The Path was much more rich and giving surprises,joy,disapointments,meeting myself.
It seems like I was living many lifes in this 3 months.
I will send pictures and stories in portions.
Here is schedule:

1.Kiev-Delhi-Jabalpur (Sanyas ashram-Amritdham)
2.Hyderabad-Chennai (meeting with Nanda , Jeeva and friends)
4.Shantikunj (Haridwar)..this is big part of social-spiritual playground
5.Nainital-organic farming
6.Rishikesh-ayurveda treatment
7.Gangotri (Gomuk)
8.Hare Krishna-Haridwar and Patanjali Yogpith(new opened near Haridwar)

in next mail only info about pictures from ariving to India and proceeding to sanyas ashram out of Jabalpur.

you are welcome with comments and questions if you wish..


with Love,

Message 28295 of 28314: Challo(let's go..) India - Delhi-Jabalpur

Dear friends,

With simple and cheap Ukrainian flight Aerosvit I arrived to Delhi in the middle of the night on 28Th Feb 06.
Driver from Hare Krishna with new big car was waiting for me.
It took 3 hours before we came out from parking place on airport.
I stayed just 1 day in HK guest house and continued to Jabalpur to visit sanyas ashram Amritdham founded by sw.Anand Vijay.
(I wanted to visit this ashram 7 years before.)

He was Osho's friend from young days (when they were 17-19 years old).
Ashram is 6 km out of Jabalpur in Deotal Garha.
This is family ashram.
Here are living swami's sons and daughter with their families, mostly working in Jabalpur.
You will see youngest daughter and her daughter Pragya on scooter.
Ma Samadhi, Sw.Vijay's wife is Osho's disciple 30 years.
She doesn't speak English.
Her destiny is not easy.She broke leg at home but doctor made mistake during operation and now she is in wheelchair.
Ma Divyam (Gurja) young girl is lovingly taking care for Ma Samadhi (as working meditation).
Her father and brother are sanyasins from some other place.
(Her father pays only 50rs per day that Gurja can be in ashram)
You will see them on picture.
Everybody who stays in ashram should pay even if doing 'working meditation'.

Room prices are from 100rs(dormitory),250,400, to 600rs ac.Food (3x) is included.
My room was nice with much light, white marble, big.(400rs per day).

Except me as a guest there was lady from Columbia, Claudia and sw.Apta(Italy) and Ma Nirava(Germany).
Claudia was not sanyas but she likes Osho's way of talking and meditations.
She was first time in India and she heard first time about Osho - seeing Oshotimes in Kolkata.She doesn't like to be photographed...

There were 2 dogs in ashram ,black and white.One swamis family member was joking about white dog calling him 'white robe sanyas'.

There are paid servants (Indians) in ashram who are cooking, cleaning,gardening ..
Sw. Anand Vijay was not there while I was there.It was OK for me.
He is traveling and leading meditation camps.

Take a walk in a nice garden with flowers and rocks and enjoy as I was.
You can meet one Indian 'orange' swami.
He didn't change clothes to maroon.The old orange 'uniform' is OK for him.

On one big stone, they say that Osho was sitting, but swami's granddaughter took me to the 'real' place where Osho was sitting and this is on the rocks out of ashrams area.
But on this big rock in ashram there is one place where sound is different when you knock on it.
like tabla instrument.
It must be some hole inside the rock..There are not many who know about this 'miracle'.one swami from Jabalpur (sitting on the stone) told me about this one morning..later I told to others.
next time we can visit yoga and meditation in nice meditation halls..

with Love,