[from Greece: xanthos, 'blond' and 'hippos' 'horse'], wife of SOKRATES, not called rightly as nasty and teasing wife.

Sokrates merried Xanthippe, when he was nearly 50 years old. Maybe he did so, because he wanted more a child than a wife. Up to this date, he had avoid a marriage, and when asked someone his advice about marrying or not, he usually answered:

''Do what you want, in this or the other case, you have to repent''

When Sokrates was sentenced to death at his age of 71, his sons were still children. And Xanthippe, who visited him in jail, hold the youngest son in her arm and whimmered so long, until Sokrates sent her home upruptly. So he could use his last hours better for serious discussions.

The most angry fact for Xanthippe was, that her husband nearly never spoke to her: As much he talked to friends on the streets, as silent he stood at home. Diogenes Laertios told, that Xanthippe once enraged so much, that she threw a full water bucket over him. Sokrates only replaid:

"I knew, after all Xanthippes' thunder rain was bound to follow."