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I notice you had no trouble apologising to Satrakshita for a case of mistaken identity, but the offense you had attributed to him was jhana an's, and in fact not her offense either but her addressing your offense, which went utterly unacknowledged. Among other things this pattern suggests a particular unwillingness to credit women, goddess Anupamo being a possible exception.

As to the particulars here, Tatina has pointed out a number of patterns here you might do well to consider. My speculation is that, perhaps because of a full life, not enough attention is given to detail in these unimportant list exchanges. Hasty assimilation, hasty replies, gone! Done! Next! In any case, her observations are also mine.

For a precise example, your reply addressed not the substance of her observations, but her offhand remark about shooting yourself in the knee. Seen as part of a pattern it looks evasive.

And as to your assertions about the relationship between this list and noby's, you may have gathered some impressions there which run counter to what we think of here as the truth :-)

The story, according to me, is:

Noby and Anupamo are members here, but Ramarshi not. So posts appearing here are transferred to that list whenever one of them feels like it, probably mostly noby.

Noby is on moderation because of a long history of what is perceived as abuse by a large majority of the regular posters here. After years of argument, a consensus formed that the list would be better without him. As the moderator, i am the enforcer of that decision, not the originator. He is thereby prevented from posting anything except when he decides to come under another identity and is tolerated for a while until he reverts too much to form.

And not that abuse is verboten here! But too much, in a pattern without 
apparent "progress," is.

Anupamo is also on moderation but this is a more recent and complex story. For a long time she was posting nothing but forwarded "material" from Ramarshi. A consensus of the regular posters arrived at the position that she be still allowed to post material of her own but be prevented from forwarding Ramarshi. The peculiar twist here is that Ramarshi was invited to get his own subscription and post as himself rather than using A to forward him.

I did not agree personally with this complicated dance -- as i did with the decision about n -- but the job of moderator is a balance between my own wisdom and that of the collective. Imposed positions have turned out to be not list-healthy.

So that is how it is. Ramarshi has chosen not to join as himself, and Anupamo has chosen not to post anything more since then, but those are their choices.

Any cross-posting using others' names has been most likely a function of your inattention, or at least there has been abundant evidence of that inattention here. 19 times out of 20, it is very easy to see who has written what.

Sir Sw. Scissors Switchers,
the Stalin of the Sannyas-Satsang Gulag

proudly presents:

His hard harvest

spirituel sacrifice for

cosy Cheerleaders

And lastly, while at the subject of cross-posting, i believe it will be generally appreciated here if you do not forward material from n's list. Anupamo and Ramarshi are perfectly capable of enabling their own voices here, and as n himself has used up all his welcome credit and others have been asked not to forward him, i'd like to ask you to leave him at the gate too.

Again, not that cross-posting is verboten here, just from certain people, and possibly n's list in general, as the others there probably have nothing to say that would be useful here.

It is possible that, since no one else has mentioned your cross-posts, this is more just my trip than the list's, but my sense is that it is something they a) would prefer i deal with and b) don't want to give a lot of juice to. If i am wrong i imagine i will hear about it :-)

Whether you do anything with this or not, could you please acknowledge receipt?

Thank you,

Love, Sarlo