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Dave pissed me off, called me a liar. Check the records, asshole... 

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I almost didn't reply, but I have a long walk ahead on the path to the place we really live. Yeah, I was a Corps grunt, I've fired M-16's until you didn't have to pull the trigger anymore, the chamber was so hot it fired itself. Which is why they now put 3 round burst limiters on the weapon. Back in the day we could, as they say, "rock and roll" full auto. I know what a grenade sounds like (It's not like in the movies, there's no "boom", there's a sound like a million guitar strings breaking at once, you're deaf for 10 minutes. It's indescribable until you've heard it. And if you see it you're going to be digging little pieces of serratted steel wire out of your skin for days, if (hopefully) nothing hits your eyes.. 
This dink was insulting me, questioning my credentials, which are bone fide, government issue. Proveable, documented. He was calling me a liar. Yes, I sometimes exagerate, yes, I'm melodramatic. But I don't lie flat out. The Zen thing would be to just ignore the idiot, but the stick was there. I'm far from where we all are going. It was foolish and I apologize to all except the asshole who questioned my integerity..;-)


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Many thanks, my dear friend. Soon we shall chat again. Love to all, especially the "Leader of the Gang", he, he... and give Ramarshi and Kabir a big hug for me, since they now temporarily have no American to blame the World's troubles on, he, he...


p.s. I will miss the "freshness" and "liveliness" of your list, compared to sannyas-list it was much juicier, more alive.... Love until later..