<-SO LONG, ...... THE I.V........AN!

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From: Sarlo <sarlo@g...> 
Date: Sun Jan 4, 2004 7:06 am
Subject: Re: [GuruRatings] Re: SO LONG, ...... THE I.V........AN!

However, since Ivan the Soon-to-be-vilified-as-Terrible has entertained us in the past, i feel it's fair to give him a good chance. This can work in either of two ways: If "enough" subscribers indicate they find value in his dribblings, or if he can bring himself to drop the 'tude enough to reveal some "redeeming value." Such value might reside in many things, i wouldn't want to limit it by specifying, but they might include humour, insight, relevance, coherence, etc. Not that the "opposites" of these are grounds for divorce! They have their place but should not be the main flavour imo.

So Hello Ivan!

Your fifteen minutes may soon be up. Your move.

BTW it's easy to set up your own Yahoo group, and if you want a pre-made group to hang out in with no restrictions as to taste or any element of posting, try n0by's group. (Search for n0by in the yahoogroups homepage).


Your fifteen minutes may soon be up. Your move.