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Cold water cools down the body. Walking up to the old Middle Ages Castles through the tiny dark streets, we find out the difference to France: Italy with these old villages is the home of the cats. These animals always behave similar, Mimamai's instincts explore as scientific like Ramarshi finds his truth in thousands of family constellations.


I find out on top of the town in a little Restaurant with view over the sea and the fishing ships, that two red wines cost eight Euro Dollars only, but the waiter provides a lot of warm delicious pizza bread with the sparkling red Chianti wine. I don't care for money anymore. Like I don't care for arguments and concepts any longer!

Gene Poole, this guy

Gene Poole, this guy has not only thrown me out from his marketing place, called NonDualitySalon (NDS), he has thrown out two Cyber friends of mine too: CelticMoonDance and Karta!

Never seen a picture of this courageous woman CelticMoonDance, who always defended the freedom of speech. Do I remember correctly her letter, stating that ''words are powerful''?


Sarlo, Scissors Switcher, the Stalin of the Sannyas-Gulag

Who ever has this concept, I don't share his or her truth! Even my word works made me thrown out immediatly from fool-places like Jeffiji's, the enlightened one, from NDS and several times from Stalin Scissor Switches (http...) so called ''sannyas-list'', an retarded club of brainwashed believers, even my word works have been banned from German Forums like SPIEGEL or n-tv, or my word works have been deleted in German high reputation forums of FAZ (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung), my experience with my true words are: words are the most impotent expressions from my floppy fingers flowing.

JeffiJI and Wife, the Enlightened Ones

My words of fantasy never made much Euro Dollars, what would be enable even a fool with poor bio-computer like mine, to express some power. Similar power like the perfume spreading beauties in Monto Carlo on her way to a Million Euro Dollar Yacht, where they will be ready - according to my fantasy - to get laid. Where else are they designed for? (Male chauvinist fantasy accompanied by a little cancer beside my chair on his hard way to the sea over the walls of this sheltered camping place... blablabla)

Fact from my truth inside: there is an inner voice. This voice talks from my woman Mimamai, she's the boss BTW, like every woman for a man, or this voice talks from my friend Living Kabir, leaving or joining the n0by-list of impotent word mind mill - straw to his mouling mule, his Master inside.

Master outside? What do you want, whom do you want, dear reader? Adolf Hitler, Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, Caesar, Sokrates, Dschingis Chan, Agent 007 or Pamela Barbie's Boobs? A southern squirming Italy Cat or a barking big black Bulldog?


Living Kabir from Munich

Whoever answers his tiny baits of bits in a cyber children garden like n0by@yahoogroups.com is very, cordially heart fully welcome to share his impotent words with mine. The ones, who dream of political priest powers like JeffiJi, the enlightened one, or Jeff, the Buddha Broker, or Judy Rhodes will never join this group, and for my feelings Ramarshi and his kind of people like Ma Anand Anupamo, the silent lurker with Physics M.D., or his woman Ma Ajusta, have to leave this group, regarding reputation.

What fun is concerned, you have to be able, to laugh about your self, an EGO demolishing exercise, like one man is able to endure for himself and to provoke others: Ka Beer, the Living Kabir.

On his poor head hammered my most ugly mind expression, what ever else do you expect from mind? like on my brother in belief Bhagwan a rap-song. Yes songs are not so impotent words like letters and lectures, pointing to the moon, who hides behind clouds tonight, this coward!

Now, nearly one hour written again, and failed the subject completly, what made me wake up deranged of rage. This subject is ''Nazi in and around us''

Judy Rhodes

Nazi in and around us