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Mon Aug 13, 2007 5:33 pm

* Most spiritual teachers condemn EGOistic behaviour of other people.

0- i'm not talking about egotistic behavior but about ego - there is a vast difference in this. Ego is simply living within the illusion that one is the limited body and that mind and it's content is who we are. - this is what is termed Ego here. This is what is addressed here. The foolishness of mankind is driven by fear of loss or feelings of lack and insecurity.

* I don't know: what is the greed of my EGO, what is the fight for my right?

0- first find out what you are and are not. You are still stuck in going in circles looking for the externals as your right. And you fight against the world. What a waste of energy. In constant fighting there is no Peace - no Stillness - no Expanded Wonder. There is only a contraction into me-ness aka my desires and fears are the center point of my existence.

* what is the greed of my EGO,
what is the fight for my right?

0- maybe ask yourself this most sincerely ? What is the feeling of lack ? What is the fear of loss ? maybe question very deeply what is this *me*. Of what is it comprised ?

* Spiritual teachers attack others EGO, but who wants to be attacked?

0- it's not about attacking egos - it is about aiding one to question deeply As only in viable questioning does freedom come. Being that you are most often in attack mode and feeling cornered then this natural reaction arises. But fighting against Spiritual Teachers and attempting to keep yourself safe from what you perceive is a threat to ego - OK - you may continue to do so but nothing will change in your life. It will be a continuation of being driven without finding that Steady Point of Peace which is possible. The choice is yours.

* Do people accept these attacks, because they imagine spiritual teachers as 'EGOLESS'.

0- do you actually read anyone elses interactions here ? Ask them is they feel they are being attacked ? Ask them directly what they are finding out from the interactions. Don't assume. i think you will be quite surprised if you actually open up with others on this site.

* Other spiritual teachers catch customers with flattering.

0- this is done by those who seek followers - money - and fame. Flattery sells and keeps people on a hook of wanting the next candy. This is a very easy marketing tool. i simply have more respect for seekers than that - and want to see them find Freedom rather than chasing after the next ego fix. And Flattery is like an ego drug - give me more. i want all the acceptance that i never felt i had as a child - this is the mantra of the ego of holes. This is how many *spiritual* (?) teachers keep selling the next course - and retreat - and develop a following of blind sheep.

This Guru doesn't want blind sheep as they are a dime a dozen. And they are not seeking real Freedom but rather someone to run their lives and someone who is going to cater to their whims like Osho did - sure you can be a sannyasi for a day - you want sex Great go out and boink your brains out. And people paid dearly for the Dog and Pony show - which wasn't a Spiritual Path to find Self but rather a Show that allowed ego's to beleive that they were going to get something by paying admission and hearing what would keep them entertained. Osho was a showman - some of what he wrote was OK although it wandered here and there before coming to the point. But as far as methdologies - He should Never Never Never have been a guru. He cared about the Show and was not there to Serve Humanity in any way.

0- first find out what you are and are not.

* A spiritual teacher does a job like everybody else has to earn something for life.

0 - indeed - i'll send you my bill. hahahahahahahah

* I trust everybody more than spiritual teachers. I don't want any idol!

0- i don't want any idols either. You have a very false view and don't understand nor have looked to what is being given on this site - or else you wouldn't make this statement about not wanting an idol. ...you will see am most willing to kick any square in the butt that are wanting a figure head idol Guru. They can go down the road and take thier fantasy with them. As this isn't going to break through ego but only put's it on hold and engaging in another escapism. i don't teacher or encourage escapism.

* To bring my little life from dust to dawn is enough, more than enough. But please, feel free to seek and search as many spiritual teachers, you can buy! I was a Satsang Hoppers myself looking for something, I never found.

0- how much have you paid here ? you don't find - because you aren't really open to looking deeply. You remain on the surface and whine and bitch - kick and scream and then attempt to justify your fears of going deeper by lumping all into one mix.

Well you can't lump this one in with the rest - for you have paid Nothing to be here - have kept the doors open for you and what has been gained on this side ? What is asked of you ?

You will never find what you have been seeking when you aren't Open to encountering it. When you are so afraid to begin the search in earnest because you fear failure once again. i won't trust you because i have been hurt before - whah - whah - whah. N0by grow up and come out of this
attempting to continue to fight against the world of spirituality -
This isn't the problem because as yet you Haven't engaged a real Spiritual Teacher in an open way. There is always the guarded door and peeking around a corner and then a pulling back into the same nonsensical rhyme of

no no not me
all teachers are crooks
all are selling a lie
i'm so big and strong i can see through it all

no no not me
i won't get caught
just keep the shields of safety all around
and continue to fight because i can see through it all.

no no not me
what happened before is the way that it is
i won't look deeper
and will continue to fight because i can see through it all

no no not me
i'm not willing to see
it might blow apart my illusions and then where would i be.
so i will continue to fight so my blinders keep seeing through it all.

* I don't write any lectures. I report facts from my little, from my lousy life with nasty noise on the web. That truth of mine entertains at least: myself!

0- oh you lecture - every day it is the same boring lecture just of differing flavors. What is the lecture ? i was hurt before and so wherever i can find to dump my load i will do so. like a hurt child - lashing out and will you still love me ? N0by you are no longer a child - When you want to know Truth opportunities are presented - a Guru may appear and either you can see the door before you and are willing to take a step through - or you will run away shrieking in the night afraid of the honesty it may take. As this path takes Integrity - Honesty and Transparency.

So let's either get real - or bow to the ongoing mental drama that runs you in circles and will continue to do so. The one that allows you to justify the fight and flight actions which you are calling your life. i don't call it living but rather see just existing and swimming for all you are worth so you don't drown.


That's enough for today.

0- are you sure ? if it were enough and you could really quit for a moment and this saga hadn't become your world then perhaps you could begin to take a deep breath and it would not feel so restricted.

Maha Shanti OM
letter excerpt is below.

Guruji in Rishikesh