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Mon Aug 6, 2007 5:34 pm

G all on the path Surrender to Death - the Death before Death and in it's wake is Freedom. One finds that Death is a looming specter that had no substance. It is only of concern for the vehicle which falls away. But this vehicle is not who one is.

Ego loves it's throne - and all have freedom within ego - the freedom to continue to struggle and fight against existence. Surrender is not taking away freedom it is a way of finally finding the Freedom which elludes the one grasping for control and their throne of it's all about me.

G stay with Heart - mind and body come and go - they have no stabalization and to cling to these is to build sand castles which continue to get swept away with each incoming wave of emotional angst.

G its not about collecting theories - they don't do any good. That amounts to as much drudgery as an Ass Bearing books. Lots of heaviness and yet it brings no freedom.

G you will Never Never Never gain freedom from intellectual colllecting.

G you may be helped but the First step is to see that your way brings nothing but more angst and that you don't have the key to freedom. Has all your wrestling brought any Peace ? Has it really given you any control ? Me - My - Mine - I - we fight and rant and scream against the night and yet the night approaches to swallow us up in misery. And we try time after time to Affirm to ourselves - that the great ME is the one that has the answers. hahahahahahahahah Ego continues to try and say No Dammit it's MY life. And in the seperation Loneliness is the constant companion that must seek another to give us acceptance, to give some sense of filling a large hole. And yet the stubborn nature and Fear will continue to convince the ME of it's right path yet clearly it has been futile to find that which has been sought by ones own way.

When one is blind and is lost - do you believe that the map will suddenly appear ? It is only the One's that have gone from dispair, confusion, depression, and fear to Freedom that KNOW the ways and means to liberate the caged me. It cannot be done For you but when a true and honest willingness to hear and to put into motion what may be given takes place then step by step the bars to the jail are cut. Ego has the freedom to continue it's suffering ways. None wish to force you to leave this - but i can say Trust this - Suffering is over rated. hahahahahahah

G this is what happens when you try to control and find out you are not the controller. When there is struggle and resistence and the mind goes into a negative spin - or one has others that are locked into a negative spin then this can and is quite draining. It has no benefit to the health. It has a negative outcome for the vehicle - like draining of the battery.

G one may only give support - but we are not the Controler nor Do-er. To struggle against this Truth and to try and prove it wrong will only continue to drain the battery. Mind will go into depression and the body will be drained. For this is a struggle that the ME can never win. The good news is that we may go within and within the freeing up - that which we struggled against to change we find has no substance and is transient. That which we tried to *save* in our desperation we find is Eternal - and there is nothing to save. Ego fears loss - fears change - or hopes for change and escapism. Once ego is imploded and dissolved one enters into the Reality of this Vast Unchanging IS which brings stabalization in the midst of Shakti's every changing transient nature. And the transient is known for what it IS - rather than based on very wrong egoic minds ideas about what it is which has been based on fear - and ignorance. Again there is a great Freeing Up.

G i cannot help what you went through with other guru's - i am not them. this is not - that. Whether one goes to the Alps and remains in a Cave or one transits and entering the Cave of the Heart - it matter not. The process is the same - it is being alone with yourself - without getting caught up in the mental projections. Finally facing the fears without escapism - finally willing to confront and a whole manner the driving ego's ignorance to see it for what it is and is not. Then the strangle hold ends. THEN one may find that Clarity which holds nothing and is able to embrace Life on it's own terms.

G Every person on the planet has a body form and vehicle that will wear down and no longer be able to contain the spirit. There is no death to this Spirit. Death is an empty specter.

G Nature is very cleansing and pure - IF one can leave the entangled mind
behind in mans egoic world of control and fighing against nature. One may go with nature and may dance in it's bounty or will degrade and abase it until it no longer contains Life, and then what is lost is also the loss of what one Thought they controlled for egos benefit. When Nature's purity is lost - then the planet dies - and with the death of the planet comes the death of ego's vehicle and that which one fears will come upon it. Respect the planet - Respect Life and then a Healing may take place.

G Really ? negative mind takes a heavy toll on ones health and also the Heart to have and hold Love. Negative mind contracts - opened Heart Expands. Freeing the mind into Silence and Stillness is also an Expansiveness. As when mind is traded for Consciousness - Pure Awareness without content then the Heart may be freed up as well.

G right the ego Me is not the Controller - but what can be done is giving as much support and space for freeing up as possible. Being there without
judgement - just opening the heart and allowing for an exchange to take place from the Heart. Leave the mind baggage in the baggage room and go there with what the Heart may give.

G this is not based upon judgement - the judgement alone is yours if you see it in this darkened shadow. i did not say *fight* against - this is a N0by construct. i have said rather to let go of. Letting go is very different than fighting against. Fighting is another resistence - Letting go is acceptance of what cannot be changed and a freeing up. Being willing to walk away from that which is not beneficial and which will only be entrenched by fighting against. When you argue with someone - do they not only become more entrenched in their stance by the argument ? Leave them to their own hell realms and karmic happenings as Karma is not mocked. Go your way and leave them to their rambling ways as they are within their own realm of suffering. Suffering against Suffering what does it benefit ? What good does it do to fight against ignorance and darkness - fighting and railing against it does nothing but entrench things on both sides. One may only bring Light and may the light finally allow the shadows to dissolve and that Expansiveness to emmerge rather than the contraction of fighting.

G exactly - so much for your theory of fighting. See this for what it is - you cannot Fight your way anywhere. - this has been your methodology. Contract - fight - protect. Yet in fighting the mind is like an animal backed into a corner. One rather must start to ignore minds tantrums. to give it space to burn itself out. This is a vastly different energy than fighting again the mind.

G there is a difference in diving through the mistery versus diving into it and engaging it. Try the first one.

G it's not about trusting promises - so one will only know by being willing to Find Out - and one won't have even an opportunity to find out when the mind and the ego of fear labels it quite conveniently *fairytales* and *fantasy*. What a convenient self destruction and out so that one doesn't even begin.

G warrior my ass - what warrior is it that fears loss and defeat and puts labels, so there is a convenient out before even starting. This isn't being a *warrior* this is being a coward that pretends at being a warrior.

G no it is fighting not For anything - but Against everything. There is a vast
difference between the two.

G Do you mean like fighting for Peace in the middle east ? Fighting for Peace is a misnomer. There is NO Fighting For Peace - when the fighting has been laid down THEN AND ONLY THEN MAY PEACE BE. When there is no fighting - no greed - no holding to lack - Then Peace IS.

G and How does this Peace come ? Doesn't it come to Surrendering into Sleep ? Did it come by fighting your way to sleep ?

No - it comes out of Surrender and letting go into that which comes by itself.

G This sharing of Light comes from sitting in a studio apartment - alone yet never lonely - being with what IS. Looking out the window at trees which are sentinels that may remind mankind that they can construct nothing as glorious as what nature IS.

Maha Shanti OM

Shakti arises with conch shell & garuda
This photo is from Sannyas Ceremony Opening