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Mon Jul 23, 2007 7:08 pm 

Namaste N0by and Great Day -

> BUT:

G lectures aren't going to help BUT as one progresses with the path they can have openings to pull themselves out of the anxiety and drama BEFORE it becomes a driving force with to much momentum.

> NO:

G perhaps yes this is true it is not yet there. But don't discount this as never being possible. It most assuredly is. AS in all things though it takes time to break free from engrained patterns. It will come step by step a loosening of the grip of reactionary mind with it's resulting action. When we can begin to break that cycle then more clarity may emmerge and what feels like not having any choice will be broken through and indeed we will find that it IS possible to have radical changes into Peace.

* Mind needs peace to read:

G tell the mind to STOP in this moment the ONLY thing that is taking place is i am sitting here with a book. i am Fine and all is well in THIS moment. Then go into the balanced breath and allow the body to relax. Don't put any attention onto the mind drama that may want to make an appearance keep bringing it back to center.

* The smile of my woman stabilizes me first,

G am glad she is a stabalizing factor - this is Great. Try the above and see - it may take a bit of work to get the hang of it but it will come.

You can also close the eyes and intone the words I AM THAT I AM - and let the vibration go through the body and bring the body and mind into a more harmonious union.

* Your 'ONE RULE':

G hahahahahaha ah yes my one rule. have found that this cuts out the rolling ball that can bring emotional dramas into an ongoing ever building point of no return. hahahahahahahaha one cannot see from clarity when the emotions are steaming up the glass. Then all you can see is fog.

* Followed 'rules', when I like the 'ruler':

G this is quite fine - you don't have to interact with Jeff. Not a problem. There is no need to have an anxiety with this. Just keep the focus on that which is beneficial. Maybe use this time to look at what pushes your buttons and why the reaction can become so extreme with this ? When we can find the key then it can be a doorway beyond to clarity rather than the automatic reactionary lashing out. There is a key. When we can look into what brings rapid pain to the mind - there may be found a key to unlock that door. When the door is opened then we can walk through to what is on the other side and this is something much more gentle.

> 'Warrior mind':

G: that is ok - but the war we fight and engage is better used when we engage it towards breaking through the ego's dominance. We must look within at how we are reacting and what is catching within mind and creating and sustaining the pain which we lash out to externals from. It is much easier to war with someone or against something external than it is to Stop and look within at how our mind - emotions - feelings of lack - etc. are driving us in unproductive ways. Keep the warrior mentality but it may be time to look within as this is the only way we free ourselves from the cages we build to keep ourselves falsely safe. As we are never safe from our own emotional upheavels. And this is what must be encountered and conquered in order to come to that Peace and entering into that Whole Being that is Unchanging Clarity.

'Deep Breath':

G OK this is understood. - you go onto automatic white out nothing is seen but the fog. Put up a reminder someplace Breathe Damn It. hahahahahahahahah Eventually with practice the more you are able to catch it early = the more you can disfuse it before it engages into a raging fire.

'Fights are fun:'

G keep telling yourself this - but you pay the emotional price and will find no lasting Peace or Centerdness in this. Yes it may seem like an outlet for a time. In the end though one wants to externalize a fight for what they fear facing within. OUCH. easier to paste a face and externalize rather than to pick up the sword of discrimination and look within at how we are perpetuating the very thing we want to get rid of.

> 'Spiritual Correct':

G hahahahahahahah it's all up to you. i am nothing more than a catalyst and a one way mirror.

G hmmmmmm maybe slowing down and getting a chance to see between the battles. hahahahahahah

Love & Light

Breathe Damn It.