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Wed Jul 25, 2007 4:23 pm

Great Day N0by -

* since 2003, more than four years, my cyber connections taste Swami G aka Ganga Karmokar, a Kundalini expert.

G what is an expert ? hahahahahahah Am simply One that has traveled through the whole of that journey.

* She calls herself or is called by others 'Guru', even  this label has something of a notorious 'four letter word'.

G it is a word - a sound - like any other - perhaps it sparks a reaction for some. Zap and perhaps comforting to others. What to do ? The world loves labels - definitions - catagorizations. In the end all of this is swallowed up in Simplicity.

> With closer and closer connections, special with her  overwhelming simple truth in skype calls she got me.

G hahahahahahahah - well there is nothing to get but to speak in honesty to break through the games of mind so that what is pure without taint may be uncovered. All have this Same One indivisible Essence of Being.

> Ganga is felt as such a simple, ordinary human woman,  she has the power and a mystical key to guide and to help.

G oh yes - there is nothing that is not *ordinary* hahahahahaha the great joke of the universe is that Realization is losing any *special* quality hahahahahahahaha. One becomes simply this vast emptiness which paradoxically contains all. Hmmmmmmmm a mind bender to be sure.

> Her simple words and her simple truth is most valuable,  when my daughter yesterday had an 3.5 hours operation.

G i hope it went well for her and your family. Am sure that as a parent this
is a most difficult thing to navigate. Am sure all here are wishing to see her return to health and vitality. And that you are able to come to peace of mind within lifes ups and downs.

> My view about my meditation exercises since 1976, after my first 'Indian Pilgrimage' are very critical.

G if it wasn't a great experience and didn't give results then this is understood for what it is. We may have all manner of rising emotions and be swept away in a sea of confusion for a time. We may fight against and take stands but in order to progress we have to eventually give up our warring ways to a more gentle approach to looking within rather than fighting without. hahahahah as that is just to exhausting in the long run.

> So my meditation happens either everywhere, driving my car, watching tv, listening to music or reading news - or meditation does NOT happen at all!

G meditation and the path have to be able to become a part of living rather than an excersize separate from the rest of the day.

> What to do in times of sorrows? How to spend a harmful night? I'm going back with Ganga 's guide to the root: simply breathing.

G this is good to hear. may it serve your well and give a freeing up so that the heart may open to what is available to move you forward to the Freedom which is underneath the seeming prison of external circumstances. It is so Great to see you continuing to be willing to open and seek what is beyond the mental zoo of emotional cages. time to tame the wild animals of mind and allow the freedom to come.
> thanks Ganga,
> your guide helps!

G am most happy to give what may be given. it is nothing more than sharing the tools that have worked within this ones journey.

Maha Shanti OM

may it serve your well and give a freeing up
 so that the heart may open
to what is available to move you
forward to

the Freedom