Zadar, Murta, National Park KRKA 

What kind of priest am I? What kind of priest is OZAY, the enlightened mind? What kind of priest is James, the Gurdjieff disciple? What kind of priest is Eric, the esoteric entertainment collector? What kind of priest are our hormone angels with their judging or consoling qualities like Anna Bebe, Valerie, CMD or Zora? Zora is felt closest to my way of watching the world with children's eyes. I remember her picture with her caption 'Homeless naked snail takes a bath'.

I try to stop my sarcastic comments and try to open up for trusting love. Not the kind of desiring fantasies for the hormone angels with short shirt over their female rounds but with an caressing tenderness for all existence - including mine for sure. What would be my world without me? Nothing!

Magical inspirations make me smile - like a snail, who takes a bath. Magical inspirations promise these hours in the night, when most people are deep asleep. Only lovers keep each others awake. Love is magic.

'Homeless naked snail takes a bath'.

My night desires I remember kept us rolling over each other grabbing each muscle, each cell of our bodies to inflame our lust.

Now in my old age of soon 60 years my fantasies try to protect my possessions. Carefully I return in Mima's car, the Sea Cow. Mima moves her body in the sleep. I love her innocent stories about her father, I admire and yes I need her caring, cleaning, cooking, caressing. We have fun.

There are wooden cupboards and planks to sleep in the car. Some delicious seductions flatter my stomach at night like the finished bottle of precious red wine, olives filled with garlic and costly cheese from goats. Life is such luxury!

Our last day in Mali Losinj gives time for two bathes in the sea and a good meal in the shadow. The ship for Zadar leaves at 4.00 p.m., but we have to be at the harbour an half hour before departure.

09-13: The ship leaves Mali Losinj for Zadar

In this half hour all cars drive in the big belly of the Jadrolina sea ship, the ship closes the huge mouth. Next six and a half hour we drive at the coast, stop at several islands. The smoke of the Diesel engine and the heat of the day plus the wind over the waters give me a stronger headache.

We meet two couples from Cres. One guy is an experienced Croatian traveller and has recommended this route. So we leave the ship and the harbour together in three motor homes. Our friend shows us the next way directly into the old Center Zadar. We park at the side of centuries old wall around the city.

Just when Mima has parked her Sea Cow, I stumble to the sea and my stomach turns around. After this exhausting sickness my body recovers in deep sleep, even young drunken men molest the night with nasty noise.

The smoke of the Diesel engine make me sea sick...

Four morning hours we celebrate the atmosphere of the century old city Zadar, an object of desire of army from Italy, Turkey, WW2 and destroyed and repaired and so on.

We live at 12.00 a.m. and drive only two, three relaxed hours by the side of the sea. Somewhere we find a place, to give Sea Cow a deep cleaning for seven Euros only. The wax from the trees pastes on the windows and the hood. Two young professionals enjoy their job half an hour long.

Short time later we cross a small bridge to the Island Murten. We find a very small camping place, where most people live in tents. Only two VW Bus stay as Motor Homes, Sea Cow is the most luxurious home on this place.

The place has no asphalt road, has no electricity, no warm water. But with 15 Euro we pay around half from the price in Mali Losinj.

The night is so dark without any lantern, that we admire more stars then on other places. We never had such place before. The advertising comes true: 'Croatia, the Mediterranean as it once was.'

Even the car of the old man, who runs this place, is a 20 years old Renault R 4.

The place has no asphalt road, has no electricity, no warm water.

Saturday we leave this magical camping place for an excursion to the National Park Krka (). We travel by ship from the little town Skardin half an hour and enter the park. First we need a bath in the high noon heat. Mima admires two young courageous men: they jump with head first over the cascades in the lake.


no ships, no cars in the National Park KRKA

Slowly we walk into the cascade paradise. In a shadow restaurant surrounded by rustling water I celebrate my favourite meal: a trout with potatoes and a glass beer. After six hours we return by ship to the harbour of Skardin.

we return by ship to the harbour of Skardin.

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