last week: Sibinic, Slovenia, Austria 

Wednesday of the third holy day week: We have left the warm Mediterranean Sea after a short shower on Tuesday. On the last wonderful excursion we have visited Sibinic. One more world cultural heritage left my eyes wide open: a cathedral built around 1400 with a roof of massive stones. Mima found a hair cutter.

In the time of her hair cut I walk 60 meters above sea level to the old fort Saint Michael. I cross the oldest part of the city with very small houses. Farmers lived there around the year 1200 and had to work for the rich land owners.

From the castle Saint Michael I say silently 'Good Bye' to the sea, the sun, the holy days. After a happy dinner at the harbour we drove home to our Camping Place 'Stella Maris'.

Next moring we take our last bath in a bit colder sea and leave 'Stella Maris' on the island Murta early. A storm on the high way grabs the VW Transporter. One Dutch Camping car was blown on the side by the power of this storm!

spotlight on castle Michael in Sibinic

We visit the last town Kavalac in Croatia. This town looks very poor. Many houses are destroyed, so that no people can live there anymore.

At the afternoon we arrive in Nuove Mestro in Slovenia. It's nearly 10 degrees Celsius colder in the night. And from the street near by the sound of the traffic is loud. Electric lights on the Camping Place burn all night, the holy days are finished and summer too. So some sad feelings come up, even we are home soon and will enjoy there our bigger bed, hot shower, our own toilet, TV and Internet again.

Somehow, somewhere always something is missing! That's life, my little life.

That kind of life is felt as neurotic unfulfilled being. The only acceptable healing I have experienced is a free flow of suffering balanced by joy and happiness.

Because each little life is the only one known to me, what help and healing can come from any other? So in this neurotically search for fulfilment no surrender to any higher happiness is possible. Surrender to any higher happiness includes surrender to the possibility of severe suffering too.

Even no little life can ever control, what has to be suffered tomorrow, some imaginations hallucinates: 'I'm still going strong!'

Each breath takes away this strength away more and more. But still this neurotic survival robot dreams about an EGO fulfilled by myself.

destroyed house in Kavalac: 

no little life can ever control,
what has to be suffered tomorrow,

Whoa, what a trip! Such neurotic EGO keeps on collecting the consolations of the lost past like memories about Masters, youTube presentations or exciting travel, love making, drug, money or power ecstasy.

Something inside avoids the bitterness: 'This all is in vain!' Something outside keeps up to pretend: 'This all is so wonderful still going strong!'

The mind is the machine to select political purpose: 'Lies fitting for my self imaginations are welcome. Truth about my vanity is to be avoided.'

In this political game 'friends' are supporters of my hallucinations; 'enemies' are messengers of the bitter truth about the vanity games.

These facts to read are so boring! But the sleepless cold last night of nearly three week voyage is a strong force to confess this truth.

Germans in war generations have been lost the faith in their hallucinations and imaginations. U.S. Americans keep on printing Dollars in Billions, and flood the world with this imagination of value. This Dollar dream is breaking now.

But still Millions are lost in the ideology of the 'American Dream': house, fulfilling partnership, kids climbing higher in richness and power and social acceptance, cars and all kind of luxury.

Mother Earth is bleeding and wounded by such strange desires. The 'American Dream' as sadistic exploitation turns into a self destructive disasters.

As long people can stand the suffering as smiling pretenders, nothing will change. After collapses comes healing. Before collapse dreams continue till the change will come.

Scriptures, talks or video messengers don't change much. The suffering needs an individual climax. All joy outside brings happy understanding at the end of all journeys: 'The world is round. What a fool I have been! Sitting at home, doing nothing, this could have been experienced before.'

As long people can stand the suffering as smiling pretenders,
nothing will change.