From Munich to Mali Losinj

Friday, last day of August, we leave Munich in the morning. The high ways to Salzburg, Tauern and Karawanken tunnel are free. Early in the afternoon we arive in one of the most beautiful resort in Slovenia: Bled.

the most beautiful resort in Slovenia: Bled

The camping place is by side of the lake. The lake looks huge on postcards, because the mountains are near. But this is an optical illusion. We surround the lake by bikes in one hour only.

An old castle 100 meters above the lake is 1.000 years old. From the castle we have a wonderful view over the lake. A church decorates the island in the lake. The church bells ring several times during a day. A just married couple in a carriage brings the romantic mood to the climax.

From the castle we have a wonderful view over the lake.

Saturday we drive at the end of the valley near Bled. Another lake invites us to stay direct at the shore. Ucak is the name of this place. A cable train brings me next day in seven minutes only 1000 meters higher.

There is in 1550 meters the ski hotel Vogel. The area is huge. Four, five hours I walk up to the mountains Sija and Vogel - 1990 Meters high.

A cable train brings me next day in seven minutes only 1000 meters higher.

Monday morning we travel four, five hours over Ljubljana to the Mediterean Sea to the Autocamp Medveja. One year ago we have visited the same place 10 km far from Opatija ( We relax in our first bath in the sea.

The thunderstorm in the night is a great surprise. It keeps on raining all day long. We drive with public bus to Rijveka.

We drive with public bus to Rijveka.

It's one hour drive in an around 25 years old MAN bus to Rijveka centre. The rain stops, the big town is attractive. The museum for ships and sea is closed. The warden announces: The museum may open again tomorrow or in two, but may be in three days.

All towns are similar. In the shopping area are very few children. Young women are enough in the shops, but may be young couples with children don't have the money for these places.

Opatja is our next step on our way back to auto camp Medjeva. In Opatja follows one luxurious hotels another. Rich retired people walk around and talk in different Eurpean languages.

All towns are similar.

At our last stop we have dinner in the Middle Age town Lovran at the sea. There are so many old towns stored in my memory, that only my PC can remember what was where.

Sometimes my mood changes from an exciting happiness into deepest darkness. But even in my bad darkest mood I handle Mimamai with care. Her company is to precious.

The desire to make love to her has left me in the last 10 years. But her female attraction, her way to move, to clean, to cook and to care, her voice brings joy. Her jokes, her body language remind me on all women of the world.

I remember my old Mom, who is very sick. I have the feeling, that she wants me to visit her. But I feel so tired, tired of everything. Long hours of sleep at night change with short sleep periods during the day.

Friday, the 7th September we are now one week on the road. We crossed 56 kilometres more the Island Cres to the southern end with the picturesque town: Mali Losinj. We stay under huge trees 10 meters above and 30 meters away from the sea. A few miles away is another island with some houses and a church.

the southern end with the picturesque town: Mali Losinj

Time flows like waves on the sunny shore. The sun heats the body up, the sea cools the body down. Motorhomes park closer to the sea than the most expensive hotels. But most of our holydays meals are very simple: vegetable, noodles, salad, water and red wine.

With a morning bath and a sip of red wine comes the holy days feeling. The sun shines between the roof of green needle trees. Young maiden show their sexy bodies in short swim suits. A seagull rests on a lantern and starts some strange giggle.

After salad dinner Mimamai rests in the car. Every day we stay longer on the same place, we forget about moving to new attractions. The Attractions on our place number 68 in the third row above the sea are already to much.

On our last evening the sun melts in the sea. Mima cooks, cares and cleans. We are happy together like in a romantic movie.

A seagull rests on a lantern and starts some strange giggle.

Our n0by group gathering is like life on the camping place: everybody comes, cares for him- or herself maybe for a dog. But nobody cares about the neighbour. Nobody knows what the neighbours cook, eat and how they live. An anonymous gathering here around the sea, at n0by group people gather around illusions, we almost believe as our 'truth'. But even in my sarcastic mood I enjoy the inspiration of the neighbours, coming and going and leaving short traces in my memory. Good days long nights awake and short Internet Entertainment at the village around the harbour.

It's the last night on this marvellous island Cres in the southern town Mali Losinj. At 2.00 a.m. it's still warm enough to sit outside the car, to watch the next island Susak with the yellow lamps dancing over the distance, the stars in the dark black night and the sleeping neighbours in tents and cars around.

Inspirations come with people to meet, but for me it's difficult to contact people. There has to be some point to connect like to the neighbour, an old couple. They are from France with a Mercedes truck MB 100 D. Man and his machine or his machines are a key to the life style. So the neighbour apologizes in the middle of night about the loud door that wakes people up.

'Doesn't matter', is my answer, 'I suffer from sleepless nights.' And so I can continue to explore the age of the car and technical data: 'build 1989, 200.000 Kilometres, 72 horse powers from a 2400 cc Diesel engine.'

'Exacts this engine I once drove in my Mercedes Daimler /8, build 1975. This engine is good for 400.000 kilometres.'

That are the magical talks under the star light in my last night on this island Cres. The exclusive red wine from the harbour shop inspires with more magic. Dreamful thoughts admire the wonderful lady in her short dress with long flowing brown hairs, such a hormone angel to inflame my male fantasies.

My most honest and happy laughing Mimamai wakes up naked, puts on her shirt and short trousers and walks to the toilet 30 meters above.

Either I swim in the sea toilet 30 meters deep down or I walk 30 meters above to the clean luxurious sanitary complex.

Mima snores softly. The short wave radio reports about the wars worldwide: the short oil supply, the IFA exhibition in Berlin about new radio- and TV technology and one week later the IAA fair in Frankfurt about new cars.

The egomaniac gain- and greed- society, where I'm part too, dreams about energy reduction with similar luxury pleasures.

Many working people in the shops are cold, nearly unfriendly. This island town Mali Losinj suffers in high season from 30.000 tourists and now still from 10.000 tourists per day. Therefore sales people are happy to talk in their shops with someone, who knows their Croatian language. I learned my first word today from my Baedecker book: 'Doba dan - Good Morning'.

In a restaurant at the sea side with few guests only I have invited Mimamai yesterday evening. There I managed somehow a more friendly atmosphere with the waiter. 'That looks good', I comment the coming plates. Sometimes it's hard to work in a happy mood. And somehow I feel, that every breath to death is work. It depends on some Inner Chemistry, if the breath comes in and out in happy or unhappy mood. It's all 'G*D's will - Inch' Allah'. Osama Bin Laden recommends Islam Religion as cure for the U.S. Hallelujah, that's the spiritual ego of christians versus islamic politics and priests.

I have invited Mimamai yesterday evening.

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