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Tue Jun 15, 2004  11:07 am

Dear all,
Dear n0by,

In honour of my agreement with what you write, n0by, a few associative pictures to the role of "Vasant". (Dear Vasant, you probably feel this to be personal, and it is not. And it comes from experience, I can tell you).

The firm MODERATOR comes from fear/revenche/and 'now-it-is-my-turn'. It has the same sound as I made in post 3605: "I have been deleted enough. And enough is enough. Grrrr."

From this energy moderators become MODERATORS. The extreme of it is dictatorship.

Searching for 'suppressed child' this image pops up:

And plain beaten up looks like this:

When anger is translated unconsciously to meant-to-be-good-for-others, this is how the hand of the moderator looks like:


And when you protest, you get text like: "Those who don't want moderator should better pack your luggage bcoz we are making it possible to have healthy discussion here."

It reminds me of a happening in my childhood, where I was slapped for expressing myself, crying started and then the hand was raised again: 'When you don't stop crying/protesting I'll hit you again.' Since that moment I wanted to become a MODERATOR. This ANGER in its turn gets tranformed into something quasi positiv. In my life it translated to the immense,hopeless but serious conviction that I was going to improve the world. The having of a heavy to carry belief like that (as many, many humans do ) is creating anger in the system itself.

From here it is a few steps to understand extremism.

And the role of Sarlo is also interesting. Reminds me of my father, who, when I attacked my mom, would (try to) quiet me down with: ah, come on, you know how she is.

"Vasant" is not fired yet, but not taken serious at all: 'Vasant seems to have put Tanmayo on moderation. I have set her sub back to unmoderated, and approved her two waiting
Love, Sarlo'

Four hours later "Vasant" shows that he did not notice that he basisly was already fired, at least ignored or corrected or being manipulated or being taken in training by Sarlo: "Those who don't want moderator should better pack your luggage bcoz we are making it possible to have healthy discussion here.
love, vasant."

N0by, you know your way around in this places. Can you deliver this post of mine as a present for Vasant at Sir Scissors Switcher, Stalin of E-Gulags:SSannAss- and GuruRat-List?

Much appreciated.

N0by, I am happy with n0by's.




Pronunciation: (O-A'sis), [key] �"n.,

�"pl. -sesPronunciation: (-sEz). [key]

1. a small fertile or green area in a desert region, usually having a spring or well.

2. something serving as a refuge, relief, or pleasant change from what is usual, annoying, difficult, etc.: The library was an oasis of calm in the hectic city.