Mystery of and it's owner

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Tue May 8, 2007 12:59 am 

some impressions are still in my mind and feelings and I would like to tell you about this.

2 days ago I was attracted to link on orkut 'by chance'.

discussion I have 'heard' was little shock. somebody wrote: "Shailender Was my Beloved Friend. As he committed suicide and left many people with lies. I was angry and broken..." sw.Prem Anurag(Shailender) owner of comitted suicide. (it happened sometime in april )

I went out for walk.It was nice day.Green trees, flowers, birds singing, nature in celebration of life, and one sannyasin didn't want to live anymore.


He dedicated so nice website to Osho's words. It didn't help him in crisis. I was thankful that I am still alive.

and now I discovered one coincidence..

that sometime around 1st of April I asked in n0by's group(#33 658) ..maybe in some other groups too..

Now I know who was behind this site ..
but I feel sadness for this what has happened.
Not knowing whole mystery I can just repeat :

Thanks for nice site.