Swedish National Day_2007/pictures

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  Thu Jun 7, 2007 8:01 pm

Hi to all,

yesterday on 6Th of June it was Swedish national day. would you like to come with me..to see pictures.?


You will not see the King and his family, enjoying entertainment of "All_songs" in big park Skansen , where people are sitting in order on numbered chairs.

I can take you some places, just spontaneous as I was going like a child to see what happens..

I wanted to go to 'sweet, New Age like 'Oneness festival ', (http://www.oneness.se/index_ENG.html )

but I didn't know where they were . I was in hurry to catch the train and I didn't check address) .


if you like you can see Nazi-groups, police, you can here Nazi shouting ("Döda dem röda")..(Kill Red ones..) and Anti_Fascist's shouting ("Inga Nazister på våra gator") ..No Nazis on our streets"...somebody said "no nazists on any streets"..(Inga Nazis på inga gator)

You can come in 'sandwich' between Nazi and anti-Nazis explosion, for the moment like it happened to me.

(sorry no pictures of this moment, because I tried to escape as quick as possible. .. there was no time for taking pictures),

you can find young people sitting silently on the street in front of one church,...in protest against Nazi-march and police keeping them under control..

but after this circus which was just on the beginning of Nazi-march, called Folk-march ( I didn't follow whole procession....)

we can visit another park, Rålambshovs Parken, where 'God was camping', (it was written so in program). It was just on one place in this big park where 'God was living in the tends', (activities of Swedish Church), 

On other places in this park people were sitting free,relaxed , on the grass, no numbered seats,  wherever you find place, just sit down, or walk, stay..as you like..

They were enjoying in music , street dance from Peru, theater..or trying some other activities just spontaneous.. (oh, think if Nazi had power maybe there wouldn't be Peru dance now here..and person by name Nasim Al Fakir wouldn't be one who is introducing artists...)

but still here was 'God camping' today ...
Thanks for that.

I like such unorganized places..

After I returned to my peaceful Järna city.Oh, how nice it was..

when I told to one friend about being on place of Nazi-meeting  and that I never found Oneness festival..

He was smiling and he said ..

"maybe just there where you have been, this was Oneness festival"..
Oneness of Real life full of opposite experiences and expressions. Nazi_Anti-Nazi, joy_hate_love...peace and fight..