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Mon Jul 18, 2005 5:43 pm

dear friends,
n0by wrote in his recently simple open-hearted sharing..
"What more can be attempted, but to share simple life facts? Best with colored pictures?"
and I want today to share with you one loving simple life fact with colored picture!
       for package of Love.
        (Osho  + orange chili pepper) 
Postmen delivered to me this morning express package from AMERICA..
(when I was little in Yugoslavia ..it was just a dream to get package from America..if you had someone to send it to you..)and this was from city San Angelo!)
I didn't open immediately..I just enjoyed this invisible aura of love which surrounded package.

I remember picture of one nice young person taking sannyas from Osho ..

he said "it was from heart to heart and nothing can destroy it. "...


and I imagined the same person now-days little older, fighting with computer ,'smart Nero' program,burning osho files on DVD
to share them with friends..to share precious things..
and here is package with this DVDs -diamond of love..
It was so well packed and sealed with tapes ..one box in another..
(people on custom are lucky to have modern scanners(roentgen) to see what is in the packages ,because they would give up if they must open this package which  da gaff packed.)
and when I opened package there was some wet organic things wrapped in soft paper, besides DVDs and 17 pages handwritten list of files
 Only one heart shaped chili pepper survived (real sannyas!).. in such a beautiful orange robe..singing YA_HOO!(just see the picture..)
('soulseekers',and others who want hear Osho -sharing will continue!)..
sharing from the heart)
Love, Life,Laughter

17 pages handwritten list of files