Holidays on Island Crete

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Thu Jul 14, 2005 2:14 am 


Dear friends,
2 days ago I was enjoying sunshine nearby swimming pool i Södertälje,
watching traffic of  boats and ships and listening Osho.
(it was discourse from Beyond Psychology, 15th April 1986..)
Somebody asked :
Beloved Bhagwan,
Can you tell us what happened to you since we last met that beautiful morning in Crete,some weeks ago?
his answer was ..A lot -and nothing..A lot on the periphery,and nothing to my being-nothing to me.
..and I heard story which maybe some of you know or maybe even somebody have been there in this adventure..(if somebody wants I can send you whole text or audio file)
...and he said to huge crowd of press who wanted an interview with him on Athens airport..
"there is not much to say, other then it seems man is not going to be civilized,ever."..


that beautiful morning in Crete,


This story reminded me on my holiday on Crete just 3 months ago.
It was end of April 2005.
We have in Sweden some travel agencies who sell "last minutes ticket" in before and after high season.
It can be very cheap.
Idea came from my friend Tommy who is most of his life in such a psychic condition mostly alone in his world ...and I am the only friend and support from the 'outer world'..
(we met in Hare Krishna 20 years ago..He was normal then..).
He red in news paper about "last minutes travel" - to Crete .
150 Euro for flight and accommodation for 1 week per person.We have to be 2 or more persons for get this price..
After long cold dark winter in Sweden light comes qiuck in spring but not warmth and everybody is longing for sunshine..
This charter flight reminded me on school-days when one or more classes were going on excursion at the end of school year..
On each seat in flight was thick newspaper Dagens Nyheter (Daily News) ..

Idea came from my friend Tommy


Everything was very nice organized and we landed to this beautiful  Island Crete -city Retimnon. It was nice sunny weather and we could see  long sandy beaches..without much people..
We got apartment in nice hotel -"Summer dreams" very near beach..just 80 meter distance.
This was good for Tommy,that we could have each his own room and peace as he likes..
(we had even washing machine in apartment..)
We visited Knossos, ruins of old Minoan civilization, in one sense the first "Greek" civilization..but they were not Greeks.
They came from Asia Minor around 2600 BC.
Tourist guide was telling mythological stories and they said how this is source of our European civilization (Greek culture)..
and now I am listening Osho's words and what has happened to him on this place  after 4000 years Minoan culture..(the Minoans were apparently not a military power...)
.."it seems man is not going to be civilized,ever."

."it seems man is not going to be civilized,ever."


I was not interested in museums and ruins but I wanted to engage my friend in some social happenings and he participated..
He behaved  normally (but not much talk)  on sunshine, light, other nice surroundings..
this was the best natural  therapy..
One day we were walking 8 km beautiful long ravine to the Libyan Sea,south part of Island Crete.
One place was most fascinating for me- water rushing from a well Spili with such a power...
(here is nice to live, I was thinking..and drink clean fresh natural water)
All pictures from this holiday on Island Crete you may see in my Yahoo photo album. (some of them are from postcards ..)
I will send invitation to you on a group.
If this doesn't work, then I can upload pictures to the file section.
please some response if you could open link to photo album..

some of them are from postcards


Dear n0by,
 if you think it is interesting to make a web-page,
 is it difficult for you to upload pictures from my album and choose with your artistic skillfulness this what you like.

it is interesting to make a web-page