In Sweden_Autumn Market and Radharani's birthday

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Tue Sep 13, 2005  2:14 pm 

Dear friends,
May I share story with pictures from Sunday 11th Sept.
It was a flow of interesting happenings for me...
(not much philosophy and 'wisdom'.. but more what you call 'real' life....)
I didn't have any plans when I woke up.
One friend phoned and asked me if I want to come with them to Hare Krishna Temple. 
It will be  feast today - Radha's birthday.
I accepted invitation.It was nice day.

I accepted invitation.It was nice day.

This friend has the car but not driving license.
We asked my friend Tommy if he want to drive us..there..
Tommy has driving license but not the car
(sometimes God makes strange arrangements..),
He accepted but I knew he will not visit the temple..
(although 20 years ago he was cooking in the same temple for deities,and selling books on the streets..)
Soon we all (ex-devotees) were on the way to Hare Krishna Temple.
But near Anthroposophical agriculture school Skillebyholm suddenly we noticed lot of cars on big nice green bio-dynamic (grown without chemicals!) grass.(I felt sorry for grass)
It was Autumn Market at Skillebyholm..we entered to see how it is..
(Tommy was more easy on such a place)..
(When I think now afterward it reminds me little on our (n0by) group..)
Take a look..(invitation to yahoo-photo-album will follow).

It was Autumn Market at Skillebyholm..

Some people were selling products which are result of cooperation with God(Nature)-vegetables,food..
Some others were re-selling somebodies else products,wool-socks,things bought in India or Africa..
But smith (art in Iron and cooper) was most original,creative..
giving forms to the iron using the fire and hammer..
his daughter was there like a tender flower..
You will see one little boy Paul who nicely painted his face ..
maybe to get attention..
and this brown girl walking balanced on high sticks ..
Children were happy to create beautiful soup-bubbles which lasts just for the moment..
others enjoyed to ride on a horse or on the chariot with horse like in old times..

Paul who nicely painted his face ..

Mr.Nigel was there with his Flow forms and Water-fountain ,if you remember from before..
He and his colleges are uniting stone and water in beautiful forms and water flow..
some people enjoyed food from real natural products in greenhouse 'restaurants' sitting on the straw 'benches',
some other were sitting outside on the grass...or just under the tree..
It was little strange to see one former member of Hare Krishna re-selling wooll- socks.He has now long hair and don't want to hear/talk anymore about philosophy of Hare Krishna.He is from Germany.But we meet with joy and laughter.With him was his daughter but not wife..Holy fire of marriage was not enough strong to keep them together forever..
Some other member, women still in HK Movement was selling products from India..
Unfortunately Market was on the same day like Radharani's birthday was priority....times have changed..
After some time...we continued to Hare Krishna temple to reach on time for feast..

we continued to Hare Krishna temple

Tommy wanted to stay alone in silence of nature and lake nearby temple..
I was somehow sad that he cannot feel free of the past..
like I could..or maybe me too was not free..because I like to come for the feasts.
anyway, I took nice prasadam (food which was offered to deities) and bring it to Tommy on parking place where he enjoyed it alone.
One big enthusiastic German 'devotee' served me .
He said smilingly:"It should be always enough prasadam to everybody.."
Yesterday came one group German sankirtan devotees (those who are selling books on the streets) (from Bavaria)...they came to see where is book-production...and of course take books for selling..).
There was not so much guests as before..
One guest got garland.He reminded me on Beatles's style with his long hair.

One guest got garland.

Men were sitting on one side and women with children on the other side..
It was nice food and there was Radharani's favorite plum-chutney,..(they say she like it..)
I can tell you ..nobody makes so good cakes as hare Krishna members.. without eggs!
I went to see Radha in the temple.
She and Krishna were dressed in fresh flowers.
(I couldn't make more sharp picture..)
This was also a kind of creativity .. person who did it.
It was Beauty in front of my eyes ..
Doesn't matter what kind of illusion it may was for me beautiful...
After feast we went back to Järna but another way not high-way from Stockholm.
We took ferry-boat (very short.).and through beautiful green and golden autumn fields  of Swedish countryside.
This was for me  again pending like a tourist in one day between 2 different parts of the same Maya-world..
welcome and enjoy!

 a tourist in one day between 2 different parts
of the same Maya-world..