Hello from Sweden - Midsummer Day

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Fri Jun 24, 2005  10:56 pm 


Dear friends,

today (24th jun) people in Sweden celebrate Midsummer Day - this magical time when the days are longest and nights are shortest.

People will dance in the midnight around the Maypole..

I just took one picture of Maypole on camping place before we left...

(you will find all pictures in file section..(or in yahoo photo section)

You can see other picture of Maypole from this link below..

Today I wanted just take it easy ,enjoy sunshine..and Osho's words and jokes..

Irini,other friend ,painter (originally from Greece) called me and we decided to take one long walk in nature..

This time it was  7km from Järna to the nice camping place Farstanäs..

Path was going through the flower-fields,  fields in all green color shades ,

and we enjoyed beautiful panorama.And fragrance of this flowers,oh..I cannot send you..

We came to the camping after 2 hours and there were many people.

Maypole on camping


In a little shop we bought ice cream and find some place to sit and enjoy everything..

I had feeling like I am somewhere else abroad ..in Turkey or like this,because I heard mostly some other languages..sometimes some Swedish words.

Here were mostly immigrant people from different countries..like we two also

People were sitting in big groups (often families and friends..) with food and drink..

birds were flying free very near people..

It was such a relief to sit down after long walk.

Suddenly I felt smell like incense..(usually there can be smell of outdoor grill which I don't like)

I turned around to see where from is coming this smell and saw one man in one little group with some strange things ..like pipe..

some strange things ..like pipe..


I immediately went to him asking,( like some Indian child,)..

what he is doing ,where from this smell..what is this..

And he showed me and explained little about water pipe or bong.

You can find more info about it if you like on


Person was from Damascus (Syria,Orthodox..they often emphasize this religious membership)

he said that Tobago is with apple flavor (I smell it) and smoke is going through water before he inhales..

and he said he is smoking once a day or less..but his wife told me that his smoking takes 2-3 hours..

I was thinking..o, he is  almost in meditation ..

I was thinking..o, he is  almost in meditation ..


and it reminded me little on tea ceremony, ( this people are also drinking coffee very slow...)

while I was discovering new things in life (and taking photos ) my Irini was just lying and relaxing..(you can see her behind him little longer back..)

We walked again 7 km back to Jaerna but Irini liked to walk along the asphalt road this time..

Happy Midsummer Day!



 it reminded me little on tea ceremony