Hello from Sweden - Are you living in reality?

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Wed Jun 29, 2005 12:07 am  


One day I was going to Stockholm. 
 In Skärholmen,non-central part of the city,
I was running downstairs to catch the metro to the center of Stockholm.
In the corner of eye I saw and red unusual message-question.
Are you living in reality?
Swedish:lever du i verkligheten?
I was surprised and thoughts comes ..what is this ?
which Master is 'shouting' from the walls in metro station..to us  'sleeping souls'..

People  were carrying bags with all kinds of things from market place..

I was running downstairs to catch the metro


I wanted to shout to them:
'Can you see this question ,'you 'black skulls' '..??!!
I am one of them too..but I joke with this expression..It doesn't touch me.
(some Swedish people call us,immigrants ,with black hair ='svarta skallar' (black skull)
In this part of Sockholm there are many shops , market place and mostly immigrant people..
I was thinking wow,you see Wisdom is speaking on market place ..!
And I had little more time before my metro comes ..
I returned back upstairs to read better who is this who ask this question 3 times..!!!
..very significant..!!
And imagine my disappointment when I red
that one medical institution is searching  ' guinea pigs',
They want to experiment  new medicine on people who have pain in joints,like rheuma...
And web site is' http://www.verkligheten.nu/  means www.reality.now!


Can you see this question ,'you 'black skulls' '..??!!


This incident haunted me still few days later....
I was laughing on my self ..how I see and hear..what I want..
Vasistha says to Rama .".this world is not more real then blueness of the sky.."
Osho said on one place ..this world is your reality..
another time he was talking how this world is a bridge and ..don't build house on it....
and I continued to the center of Stockholm accepting..I don't know...
(but I have heard - everything is One....
and Osho said:this is borrowed knowledge.....)
But most of the people around me didn't have such  a problem ..illusion-reality..
You can just see some pictures from Stockholm..near central station..

some pictures from Stockholm..near central station..


Oh ,something more..
in the center I saw very nice fountain with big pillar in the middle..
water was sprinkling up and it was like a mirage..
From somewhere in my mind jumped up David Icke and Brotherhood,..Illuminati..
"aha..can you see, obelisk,an ancient Egyptian_Aryan symbol of the sun,the male energy,the phallus..these guys don't put their symbols everywhere just for fun.."
I immediately thought..ah, Stockholm's Siva lingam.
and because..
"obelisks and all these symbols and geometrical shapes,generate the energy they represent"(D.Icke:..The Biggest Secret)

ah, Stockholm's Siva lingam


I attach picture of Stockholm's Globen,the biggest spherical building in the world (for the moment) just to keep the balance....(if Globen can represent female energy ..)


Stockholm's Globen