Vedic marriage ceremony in Stockholm

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Mon Jun 20, 2005 12:54 am 


Suada and me were invited to Vedic wedding ceremony in Hare Krishna Stockholm.

No elephants,no big noise with all kinds of was joyful and colorful..

I entered in a temple room little earlier and sat in the corner to have a view over all room.

They were still decorating it .

I was watching 'devotees' and my memories.

Vedic wedding ceremony in Hare Krishna Stockholm


It was nice just to sit down in familiar atmosphere but without obligation.

I tried to be now observer, but not so long..

First was kirtan and wedding ceremony after.

When kirtan started after some time I became again Syama Manjari (my initiated name) who likes kirtan.

I tried to be now


All criticism disappeared and I was singing bhajans with others..

From somewhere comes Osho's words.

'my sannyasins will be able to sing and dance in the temple ,..pray in church,.. in mosque...

with awareness..and remain themselves.."

But I was not totally in kirtan..because some people who were here put in movement my minds memories ..(rascal Syama Manjari is in Maya..).

All criticism disappeared


.".O, dear K. is here.!(she was child when I was in HK)

She was also some years ago sitting in front of wedding fire sacrifice.

She was happy because she fulfilled her heart's desire..

Andrej left HK in India and moved to Sweden with K.He was Afro-American,dynamic person who could not express his potential on little HK farm where she wanted to be.....and problems in relationship bicame to big..that no sacred fire and knots helped to keep them together..

'Krishna' has sometimes very strange arrangements..

'Krishna' has sometimes very strange arrangements..


 but who is this man with her today?

He looks like very common Swedish person who came to see this theater here...

He hold hand of his little blond boy 6-7 years old, and she was with her sweet dark-skinned daughter the same older like little boy..

I was thinking where is Andrej now,... father to her daughter,

and how he was suffering after divorce.

I knew love story before marriage and pain of divorce in both of them after wards ..

caused by strong -ego-game!...

I was little sad now.

but who is this man with her today?


.I would like that they were happy..

And some other entered the room who were once sitting in front of fire sacrifice but they are divorced today..

"Kali Yuga"..(the age of darkness and ignorance..falls down...(answered my mind from old HK program..)

.I would like that they were happy..


.O, My dear girl N.(bride) is coming.!.

How she feels? Is she happy to be married today.?

(She smiled to me when I called her to look into camera..maybe she remembered our joking..).

I knew her struggle just few years ago when she wanted to get free from parents (strong ,dominating mother..)

who are still in HK,and community where she didn't like to live.

I was some kind support ,talking with her very often when she needed support..

I experienced both in HK and outside in 'material world'..and she felt that I can understand her..and we shared some info about Ayurveda..

But 'material world' was to heavy for N.

She was not enough strong to fly (like this little bird I found)...

and she took again shelter in HK but in another community in Stockholm..

and there was a boy from Bangladesh ..

.O, My dear girl N.(bride) is coming.!.


(chance for N. to escape parents control...,and maybe 'love' ('needeness', as Osho would say..)...husband should take care for wife..whole life--).

Wedding ceremony was colorful,

priest(pujari) was preaching and my mind was commenting inside, judging.

disturbing me to enjoy ceremony as it is..

when he repeated this 2 times  I was just smiling..

"of course this is your arrangement..(my mind was commenting ..) keep N. in HK movement and to help Prodip to get permission to stay in Europe in HK legally."

Everybody knows about often 'arranged' marriages in HK..

Wedding ceremony was colorful,


And when priest said how they both are coming from 'vaisnava families'

(noble family, devoted to krishna or Vishnu)

which are stable......(which was not truth for N.'s parents)

I was just surprised how he could say untruth in front of deities and all people.....

(again Osho whispered: Priests and politicians Mafia of the soul.. )..

-priest mentioned some great saint (Rishabdev ??)  who had 10 millions wives to get son...

(maybe some Indian friends know this story from Srimad Bhagavatam....I couldn't find out if it is true..

(I don't remember what he wanted to say with this..

I was just thinking..Uh, this one is better then Krishna.

Krishna had only 16.000.wives in his Lilas (plays)...

(but not to get son..just because of play..)

And when priest said how they both are coming


OK,after some time , I accepted all scenario , and said to my mind.....

"..all is Krishna's arrangement..!"

All this  theater here too...Just enjoy..!

They were listening  'genius' preaching of priest' ..(some words were clever..) even marriage can be used to develop Krishna consciousness..

-they exchanged garlands

-father gave his daughter to bridegroom putting her hand in his hand.

Her hands were nice painted and decorated.

(They exchanged rings...

which is 'speculation' ,according to one other former priest, and is not part of vedic ceremony..?!)

All this  theater here too...Just enjoy..!


Bridegroom put bangles on brides hands..

-she turned around him 7 times..

-somebody bound together their clothes in sacred knot..

This should be kept 7 days.

Some couples are practical they put their clothes bound in knot on the shelf and they go free around..

Fire sacrifice was put on and we were chanting mantras..

again I was Syama Manjari chanting Brahma Samhita which I like ..

Fire sacrifice was put on


They were turning around fire 7 times..and we were singing..

priest didn't know to explain why is this...

but I remember Osho's explanation..

"There are 7 layers and there are 7 honeymoons and 7 hells with each honeymoon..

Because of this 7,in India they have made it a ritual..,..when person is married,they have to move 7 times around the fire...

...If couple can pass all these 7 layers then marriage really happens - never before it..)

two persons are not 2 ordinary things..great possibilities,infinities...

..To meet with the other and to meet in rhythm,to meet in a deep harmony, is not easy.."

"There are 7 layers and there are 7 honeymoons
and 7 hells with each honeymoon..


Official contract will not help nor fire sacrifice if there is no love...

(and I was thankful that I could hear and read Osho's explanations about relationships,love,marriage..)

At the end I wished to couple good luck and that they can pass successfully through this 7 layers..

some people took fruits which were around fire sacrifice...

after we had a feast.

I started with delicious cake (without eggs) which was offered ..


Syama Manjari

Official contract will not help nor fire sacrifice if there is no love...