Her name was Gayatri

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Mon Apr 10, 2006  1:34 pm 

Namaste to all who read,

On previous photo link you will see photo of women who surprised me one early morning after Yagya(fire ceremony)

thinny silent women helped me while performing yagya. In which hand to put water ...and so on.. after yagya she tried to tell me something in hindi and body speach i understood that i have to wear bangles on my hands.

I didn't have it and she took of her and put one on each my hand.

I was touched..I asked for her address. somebody translated her but she answered that she is not often at home..and it is not important address, she will be in contact with me intuitively, in heart.. and she said in hindi but i understood..my name is Gayatri.

this was mysteri for me and i was thinking on jeeva..

but 2 days later 2 young boys came from delhi and said that i met their mother gayatri.. so shi was real women but with loving heart..

i have to finish his mail


thinny silent women helped me while performing yagya.