Unusual flowers

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  Tue May 17, 2005  1:17 pm 

Hello to all friends in this group!

N0by kindly invited me to bring my 'unusual flowers' to this group.
He said that here will be better soil for them to grow then in other group where I showed them.

This flowers called me one afternoon when I was walking in the forest behind my house in Sweden.

Like lamps with yellow light from dark, swampy place drowed my attention.

I came nearer through dry dead branches of fallen trees and scene was breath taking,or mind-taking...just one big WOW was left in me!!!

I would like to share this with you in nature..but in this way you can have little glimt of nature's wonder...

you can wiev them in full size.. it is more beatiful.

I don't know what more to say...look if you like..I put them in photo section.

(I was member of this group but silent during the 'storm' of discussions..:)