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From: "Zora" <onitamo@y...>
Date: Wed Nov 26, 2003 11:24 pm
Subject: Hi to everybody!

Dear friends on the Path,
I just jumped in your 'cosmic play' with my question-'who is Sri Mataji? without saying hello to everybody. N0by kindly encouraged me to present myself or to send hometown picture. It took me 3 days to do it.It was not so easy. You can find pictures in Photo-section. I don't feel that I have some hometown.I am still looking for it.

I was born and lived (36years)in Zagreb,Croatia..in nice surroundings of this town. But now I am living in Sweden.(20 years) I moved to Sweden for search in Absolut Truth..( I am living now in one little place, Järna 30 mil south of Stockholm. Järna is 'capital'town of Antrophosofi in Sweden.Therefore you can se 2 pictures with Antroposophical buildings.Otherwise there are just wide open fields,forests,lakes,some houses..and fresh air. You are welcome if you somehow find yourself in this part of the world.
I came to this group 'by chance'..Osho was this magnet in you. 
Prem Kumari (or whatever you like to call me..)

Jhaera - Sweden Summerfest