Goal and path -nr2

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  Sun May 29, 2005  9:17 am

after some time,I reached one little lake which I know,
and from there I should continue to the unknown..to reach my goal..
look at this picture of another young girl in the silent secluded place of forest..
I disturbed her too with my camera..when I came near to take picture..
I invited her with me on the path to my goal..
but she choosed to stay there,enjoying silence of the lake,..no goals..
and I continued on my path..alone(?) ..
impossible..at least my friend mind followed teasing me..
"haha, you are goal oriented.."..
then I switched on Osho..and
Osho was talking about being ordinary..
about brahmins who were faschists,Aryans,hitler...
and zen master Nansen cutting wood...and much more..
This was 3rd chapter of Talks on zen:Returning to the Source.
I can attach in next post text file for others who maybe cannot dl talks ..
Osho was talking in my ears
 about being ordinary,


after some time,I reached one little lake which I know