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Fri Jun 16, 2006 10:21 pm 

Dear friends,

I experiment with Flikr photouploader and you can see pictures if you like in bigger size, 800x600. It will not be so elegant as n0by can make,but it is interesting experiment for me..

(Thanks Sarlo who mentioned Flikr in one answer to somebody else in osho_osho group..I was curious what is this and found what I need.)

here is set with photos "To Chennai".

and my little 'story I sended already if you find it back in posts. here is one link where is this story' .. title was:Welcome to Chennai


We leave sannyas world and continue more south to Chennai and Mahabalipuram.

(I will not repeat pictures which Jeeva has sended in msg #26083, I will only add some other which you didn't see..)

Hyderabad train-station was the best I have seen in India, and it was not difficult to wait for train few hours.

It was clean,with airconditioned waiting rooms, modernized platforms with informations on tv-screens .. (but suddenly somebody used long woodden ladder to repair something..), ,guards with sticks, refreshing fruit-juices,all kinds of nice food..

Next morning we arrived to Chennai. Jeeva booked in advance hotel for me what he was thinking it will be best..and he was right.New Woodland hotel.. You can see some pictures from 'Vrindavan' restaurant with Krishna's palyfullness on paintings on the walls.

The Theosophical garden was the only place what I wanted to see in Chennai. Jeeva invited me to see the place where he is living and I was so sorry first to say no, to a friend who was so kind and helping me on my trip to Mahabalipuram, but just to think to go out in this terrible traffic-rush it was to much for me.. (after peaceful fields and friends in Ibrahim Patnam..)..

After visitingTheosophical garden I got little more enthusiasm to go out and  we vent to Jeeva's place . You can see pictures of it, with Jeeva in full moon on his terasse.

In The garden of Theosophical Society there was a huge Cannonball tree with flowers and fruits in the same time. Besides my 3 pictures of this tree (I couldn't make only one to show you all wonder of it..) you can read more about this amazing tree,

It was interesting in the bus on the way back to my hotel. One old man was quarreling with conducter something about ticket, maybe he didn't have enogh money..  and when I wanted to take picture , conducter didn't like it, but old man stood up smilingly with his basket in which was few non-sold cocconuts and he was posing like in theater ,that I could take picture... Quarell atmosphere was changed into a joke. People around him were laughing..

Jeeva was going with me by bus to the hotel , and he was returning home by his motorbike which was parked in front of hotel. Next day we visited Mahabalipuram by buss on the way to Pondichery..

And I have separate set of many nice pictures from this wonderful place.


try if you like...and you can click on symbol for size change and see it bigger..I don't know so good to use Flikr but Ihope to learn..

or if you like here is the same album Chennai_2006, in yahoo photoalbum (size is fixed -medium) and some more pictures then in Flikr...,ren%3as,52%3af,0

Mahabalipuram is more interesting but maybe n0by will have time to 'play' with this before I put it on Flikr...It takes time..


with Love,